Movie Streaming Ratings and Reviews

Updated February 28, 2014
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Movie Streaming: Ratings of Sources

1. Tom's Hardware Guide Streaming, Tom's Hardware Guide, As of February 2014
Tom's Guide offers substantial coverage of streaming movies and streaming TV, including hardware and service reviews. One article names its top 10 online streaming video services. Another is a direct comparison between Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant.
2. Internet,, As of February 2014
Credibility: reviews movie streaming services, although finding them can sometimes be a chore on this site. Services are rated, and the best ones earn an Editors' Choice award. Currently, that honor is given to Netflix. While the unlimited streaming plan is called a bargain, others are said to have less value.
3. Netflix, Redbox and More: What You Need to Know,, Jan. 21, 2013
Lauren Goode tests four subscription movie streaming services: Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime Instant and Redbox, although the latter was still not publicly available at the time of the review. Comparisons are made in areas such as pricing, titles, video quality and mobile support. Netflix comes out on top.
4. Netflix vs. Hulu Plus: Who Best Fits Your Video Streaming Needs?,, Sept. 26, 2013
This head-to-head comparison pits Netflix against Hulu Plus in the usual areas, including content, quality, platform support and pricing. Hulu Plus has quite a bit going for it, but if you need to choose one service, Russell Holly says that Netflix is "absolutely the way to go."
5. Netflix Instant vs. Hulu Plus vs. Amazon Instant Video,, Mar. 9, 2013
This review features a three-way comparison between Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime Instant. Pricing, device support, mobile support, audio/video quality, number of titles, newness of titles and original content are among the attributes discussed, and services that excel in those areas are named. However, the article avoids naming a best overall pick and instead suggests subscribing to all three if your budget affords it.
6. CNET Software & Apps, CNET, As of February 2014
CNET reviews several of the major movie streaming services in reports that also focus on the experience of using specific platforms or operating systems. The individual reviews are helpful as they also address the services in general, but finding them can be a chore; your best bet is to search.
7. Streaming Media Players & Services,, March 2012
Credibility: surveys its membership to report on satisfaction with on-demand and subscription movie and TV streaming services. In addition, ratings are provided for selection, convenience, price satisfaction and picture quality based on readers' responses.
8. The Best Streaming Services,, Apr. 28, 2013
Shelly Palmer covers technology topics for a New York City TV station. Netflix is said to "still be king when it comes to streaming movies," but he names other streaming services that could be better choices for some viewers.
9. Blu-ray vs. HDTV Streaming Services: A Quality Comparison Review,, Sept. 2, 2013
Three movie streaming services are benchmarked against watching an HD movie on a Blu-ray Disc. None of the services could deliver the same picture quality, although Vudu fares the best if the HDX version is used. Chris Heinonen also notes that the quality of the streaming hardware plays a role in the quality of the image onscreen.
10. 2014 Best Internet Television Service Comparisons & Reviews,, Not dated
Credibility: names only nine services in its list of top 10 "Internet television" sites, but the list seems relatively up to date, including newcomers like M-Go. Kent Dunn's focus is on the streaming TV lineup of each service. Write-ups are a bit more extensive for the top-rated services than the rest, although comments indicate that the services were actually tested.
11. Content Services,, As of February 2014
Although the authors of this site are not identified and no explicit recommendations are made, this is a good place to check out some of the many movie and TV streaming services available. Pluses and minuses are listed, as well as the key characteristics of the service. Some services that get little coverage elsewhere are included.
12. Entertainment,, As of February 2014
Colt Agar reviews a handful of streaming movie and TV streaming sites. Reviews are a little inconsistent; some analyze different aspects of a service while others are simple "liked and disliked" write-ups.
13. CNET Chromecast vs. Apple TV vs. Roku 3: Which Media Streamer Should You Buy?, CNET, Feb. 6, 2014
For those interested in streaming movies or streaming TV but who lack a smart TV or other streaming hardware, CNET provides the pros and cons of the three most popular set-top movie streaming boxes. All are good and all have advantages, but at least for now, the Roku 3 is named the best choice for most users.
14. Roku vs. Apple TV vs. Chromecast: Which Device Wins?,, Jan. 28, 2014
Tom's Guide makes the same comparison among movie streaming hardware boxes and comes to almost the same conclusion: Apple TV makes sense "if your home is festooned end-to-end with Apple iPhone, iPad and MacBook Pro users," John R. Quain says. For everyone else, the clear nod goes to the Roku 3.