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Office Chairs: Ratings of Sources

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Dec. 23, 2015
The Best Office Chair
by Kyle Vanhemert and Michael Zhao
Our AssessmentThis comparison of several popular office chairs from Steelcase, Herman Miller, Ikea, Knoll and Humanscale bases its recommendations on months of real-world testing. The reviewer notes pros and cons for each, taking price into consideration. Still, recommendations focus on a small pool of high-end chairs, with just one lower-budget choice thrown into the mix.
2. Wired
June 28, 2013
You're Gonna Want to Sit Down for This: 6 High-End Desk Chairs Reviewed
by Christopher Null
Our AssessmentChristopher Null tests six high-end chairs from Herman Miller, Steelcase, Knoll, Humanscale and Haworth, spending at least a day in each. He ranks them on a 1-10 scale, sometimes comparing them and carefully noting pros and cons. The article also includes a helpful discussion of what adjustments an ergonomic office chair should offer.
Not Dated
Top 10 Office Chairs of 2015
by Editors of
Our bases its recommendations on customer satisfaction ratings. Accompanying blurbs note commonly mentioned pros and cons for each chair, as well as the return rate for each chair and what percentage of customers would recommend the chair to a friend. Picks are uniformly high-end, however, and Herman Miller and Steelcase largely dominate the list. The site also has a helpful collection of owner reviews that list pros and cons and rate chairs on a five-star scale.
Sept. 9, 2012
Five Best Office Chairs
by Alan Henry
Our readers pick their five favorite office chairs for this roundup, which looks at chairs from Herman Miller, Steelcase, Raynor and Ikea, and vote on their favorite. A reviewer provides commentary on the pros and cons of each chair. However, the reviews are limited to the five chairs that received the most reader nominations, leaving potentially lesser-known, lower-priced competitors off the list.
As of January 2016
Desk Chairs
by Contributors to
Our is one of a customer's best resources for real-world reviews of office chairs. Reviews are often quite detailed and evenhanded. Expensive chairs usually have fewer reviews than cheaper ones. Prospective buyers should evaluate reviews carefully, since some reviewers sometimes wrongly fault a product for bad experiences with a seller or shipping. Readers should also beware of older reviews, which might discuss an older version of a product with flaws that have been addressed.
Not Dated
The 13 Best Office Chairs
by Peter Saltsman
Our AssessmentThis roundup covers a wide range of office chairs at several price points, from under $200 to more than $2,000. Blurbs about each chair are informative, but uniformly positive. There is no comparison between models and there does not appear to be any real-world testing involved in the recommendations.
July 16, 2015
Sit Down and Relax in Our Favorite Office Chairs
by Brandon Widder
Our AssessmentThis roundup crowns one chair (the Herman Miller Embody) as "the best" and eight others as "the rest." Recommendations include a variety of price points. Again, blurbs are informative but do not note any cons or include any mention of real-world testing.
Not Dated
Best Office Chair 2016 -- The No Bulls#*t Guide to Sitting
by Editors of
Our AssessmentThis guide ranks 10 popular office chairs at a variety of price points and includes a handy comparison chart and buying guide. Blurbs are informative but uniformly positive; they also don't appear to involve first-hand testing, and don't directly compare models.
Not Dated
Task Master: The 12 Best Ergonomic Office Chairs
by Editors of
Our AssessmentThis roundup makes recommendations based on a variety of lifestyle considerations, such as "best backless," "low maintenance" and "executive styling." Blurbs are informative but uniformly positive; they also don't appear to involve first-hand testing, and don't directly compare models. Most chairs are high-end.
Dec. 6, 2005
Sit Happens
by Seth Stevenson
Our AssessmentThis reviewer compares six popular chairs, including the Aeron, Herman Miller Celle, Humanscale Liberty and Steelcase Leap. His reviews are honest and thorough, ranking each chair from "unsittable" to "overall winner." Of course, as he notes, his recommendations are based on his opinion only, and the article is quite dated (though all six models remain on the market).
As of January 2016
Office Chairs
by Contributors to
Our AssessmentNational Business Furniture has several reviews for the office chairs it stocks. Reviewers rate each product on a 1- to 5-star scale. Reviews are not quite as detailed as those on Amazon, however.

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