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Steelcase Think

*Est. $690
October 2010
by ConsumerSearch
Steelcase Think

  • Seat height, depth adjustable
  • Arm rests fully adjustable
  • Responds to user's weight and movements
  • Few knobs and levers
  • Lifetime warranty on most parts
  • Adjustable lumbar support costs extra
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The Steelcase Think, like its sibling the Leap, has won several prestigious design awards since it was introduced in 2006. Flexors in the seat and back respond to your movements, the manufacturer says, and a mechanism leverages your body weight as you recline. The arms and the seat height and depth are manually adjustable, and you can set the tilt from fully upright to one of three angles of recline. The front of the seat slopes down and flexes, so there is no pressure on the backs of your thighs. The Think chair comes in an array of colors fully upholstered in fabric or leather, or with a mesh knit seatback. Steelcase offers a lifetime warranty on most parts, 10 years for seating mechanisms and three years for fabric. An adjustable lumbar support (*Est. $30) and headrest (*Est. $130) are offered as options. If you want to spend less for a chair that requires little adjustment, reviewers praise the Herman Miller Setu (*Est. $580).

We found the best comparative review of the Steelcase Think at Wired, where it is compared with other chairs, all tested by six men and six women of different sizes and shapes. Otherwise, most sources are single-product reviews; they include reviews on Bloomberg Businessweek,, and older reviews at,, and's furniture guide includes the Think chair in an article about the best high-end office chairs.

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Our Sources

1. Bloomberg Businessweek

Reena Jana writes this single-product review after having used the Steelcase Think chair in her office for four months. She says she normally sits in an Aeron chair, and while she was sitting in the Think chair instead, the pain she'd been having in her wrists lessened. She also likes the look of the Think, which is an attention magnet in her office. Her one caveat is that while she was using the Think, she was so comfortable that she got up less to move around, which might not be healthy.

Review: Steelcase Think Chair, Reena Jana, April 29, 2009

2. Bloomberg Businessweek

About a dozen users respond to Reena Jana's review of the Steelcase Think; most are people who own a Think chair themselves, and all are positive. One writes that she tried out other Steelcase chairs as well as Herman Miller and Humanscale chairs, and she "found the Think to be the most comfortable, easiest to adjust, most versatile for all of the different positions that I sit in, and definitely the best looking."

Review: Steelcase Think Chair, Contributors to Bloomberg Businessweek


The editors of ask members of their staff to try out each of six high-end chairs they happen to have in their office. The Steelcase Leap gets the highest score, 8.5 out of 10; the Herman Miller Aeron comes in second, and the Steelcase Think is third with a score of 7.5. The Think is the lowest-priced chair of the lot, the reviewers note, and it is thus the best value.

Review: Best Office Chair Showdown and Reviews, Editors of, May 24, 2010


Reviewer Blake Robinson compares the Steelcase Think to the Herman Miller Aeron, noting that the Think provides the same level of comfort and adjustability, but without all the knobs and levers the Aeron chair has. He says he is a writer who spends long hours seated before his computer, and has tried "virtually every seating arrangement one can imagine… Yet never before have I been quite so satisfied with a seating solution."

Review: Think Steelcase, Forget the Rest, Blake Robinson, April 4, 2008

5. Wired

This review is based on tests conducted by six men and six women who tried out a number of chairs (the exact number is not specified) and evaluated their comfort, adjustability and appearance. The Steelcase Think comes out on top, with a rating of 4 out of 5. It is described as providing excellent back support, but the reviewer thinks it's a little "homely."

Review: Best Seat in the House, Roger Thomasson, April 2006


Corey Doctorow says he used a Steelcase Leap chair for years and was very happy with it, so happy that he had six of them in all. In his opinion, the only downside to the Leap is its look, big and heavy. The Think, he writes, "is like the Leap, but slimmed down and refined." Saying that the Think is sort of a cross between the Herman Miller Aeron and the Leap, he goes on to say that "the Think has even fewer controls than the Leap (which had fewer still than the Aeron)… Now that I've got it set up at my desk, I don't think I can part with it."

Review: Steelcase Think - Self-adjusting Office-chair Haven, Corey Doctorow, Oct. 5, 2006


This older review is worth looking at because it goes into detail about the measures Steelcase took to make the Think chair environmentally friendly. As Collin Dunn explains, "The chair itself is comprised of 99 percent recyclable content and is made of up to 41 percent recycled material. It is also Greenguard certified and helps contribute towards LEED certification. It was one of the first six Cradle to Cradle products certified by McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry (MBDC)…and the chair received a Gold Industrial Design Excellence Award (IDEA) in June of this year."

Review: Think Chair from Steelcase, Collin Dunn, Oct. 5, 2006


Although this review is also a bit older, it has lots of photos and details about the design of the Think chair. The reviewer loves the look of the chair, but says her favorite feature is the flexors in the seat and back. According to her, "They make it ridiculously comfortable since they give to your every move… I'm the kind of 5'4' girl who likes to sit cross legged every now and then, and with the shape of the seat I can do so without feeling like I'm possibly going to flip over (not all super ergo chairs handle this well)."

Review: Think! Review, Editors of, Nov. 28, 2006


Abe Abbas is's guide to furniture, and in this article he briefly discusses his choices for the best high-end office chairs, the Steelcase Think among them. The chairs aren't compared to each other, and there is no mention of any testing. Abbas notes that the Think offers good back support, adjustable arms and a flexible seat front. (Note: ConsumerSearch is owned by, but the two don't share an editorial affiliation.)

Review: High End Office Chairs, Abe Abbas

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