Black & Decker Brew 'N Go DCM18S
Black & Decker Brew 'N Go DCM18S

Best one-cup coffee maker under $30

The Black & Decker Brew ‘N Go DCM18S brews straight into an insulated travel mug -- great for commuters. Users say it's easy to use and makes good coffee. Because it uses coffee grounds instead of pods, it can be a bit messy to use and less convenient for brewing subsequent cups.
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Keurig Special Edition Brewing System
Keurig Special Edition Brewing System

Best pod coffee maker

The Keurig Special Edition Brewing System is an easy-to-use single-cup coffee maker packed with convenient features, including adjustable brewing temperature, three cup sizes and pre-programming functions. The abundant selection of K-Cup flavor options also appeals to coffee lovers who enjoy variety.
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Mypressi Twist V2
Mypressi Twist V2

Best manual one-cup coffee maker

It looks more like a can opener than a coffee maker, but users say you can't beat the flavorful coffee crafted by the Mypressi Twist V2. Espresso lovers who don't mind taking a few steps for the ultimate double shot will find that this pricey but ingenious invention gets plenty of use.
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Aerobie AeroPress
Aerobie AeroPress

Best manual one-cup coffee maker under $30

Compact and easy to use, the Aerobie AeroPress offers the same variable controls as other manual coffee makers without the high price. Experts and users agree that this gadget is a no-brainer for those who appreciate crafting the perfect cup of coffee.
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Best One-Cup Coffee Maker Reviews: Runners Up

Keurig 40 Elite Brewing System *Est. $120

6 picks including:,…

Keurig Platinum Brewing System *Est. $180

5 picks including:,…

Chemex Three Cup Classic Glass Coffeemaker *Est. $30

3 picks including:,…

Tassimo Suprema T45 *Est. $140

2 picks including:,…

Manual presses and full-size automatic drip coffee makers require measuring ground coffee into a reusable or disposable filter and then pouring water into the top. They also need boiled water and -- in one case -- some muscle to press the plunger down. Full-size automatic drip coffee makers generally take longer than one-cup or manual coffee makers, and cleaning messy grounds can be inconvenient, especially for a single cup. Manual presses range in price from about $25 to $150 or more, while standard one-cup drip coffee makers average between $30 and $90.

Pod coffee makers, on the other hand, brew a single serving of coffee from premeasured ground coffee that is sealed in a pod made of paper, plastic or aluminum. Pod coffee makers are generally more expensive than standard one-cup drip models, ranging in price from about $50 to $200 or more. Most can brew a beverage in under a minute. Some pod coffee machines such as Nespresso and Tassimo require users to buy proprietary discs or capsules that are only available in a few flavors, while other pod machines are compatible with dozens of brands and varieties. If you prefer using your own coffee, a few machines offer the ability to do so with a reusable filter shaped like one of the disposable pods.

We selected the best one-cup models through a careful analysis of professional reviews, which test for ease of use, convenience and flavor. We also consult owner reviews, which provide valuable insight into durability and day-to-day performance. Both professional reviewers and owners highlight important buying considerations, such as flavor variety, serving sizes, water tank capacity, user-friendly design and the ability to produce a consistent, rich-flavored coffee with each cup.

Recalls have also been an issue with one-cup coffee makers and are important to be mindful of when making purchasing decisions. In February 2012, BSH Home Appliances Corp. voluntarily recalled nearly 2 million Tassimo Single-Cup Brewers in the U.S. and Canada due to a potential burn hazard. Consumers with an affected unit can contact the company for a free replacement T Disc holder by visiting Tassimo's website.

TASSIMO Single Serve Coffeemaker, T45
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