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MyPressi TWIST V2

*Est. $150
November 2012
by ConsumerSearch
Mypressi Twist V2

Best manual one-cup coffee maker

  • Portable
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to store
  • Exceptional taste
  • Requires replacement nitrous-oxide cartridges
  • Trigger mechanism may malfunction
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Bottom line

The Mypressi Twist V2 is a bit expensive at $150, but reviewers say it's well worth the price for the exceptional espresso it produces. The process involves a few steps, so it's not ideal for users who want to produce cup after cup, and each brew cycle produces only a double shot. If you're looking for a manual coffee maker that can produce a larger quantity, consider the Aerobie AeroPress (*Est. $25)), which costs a fraction of the price.

Breaking it down


Exceptional espresso from a handheld gadget. The Mypressi Twist V2 is the latest upgrade to the original Mypressi Twist, with improvements that include better consistency and less preparation per shot, according to Abe Carmeli, who reviews the Mypressi Twist V2 for It produces only a double shot at a time, however, so users looking for a larger serving size will have to go through multiple cycles.

There are no pods to purchase for the Mypressi Twist V2, but you will need to buy nitrous-oxide cartridges. Each cartridge will make up to four double shots, according to the manufacturer. Cartridges run about $16 for a box of 24. contributor Mark Prince praises the Mypressi Twist for its portability. "It's not perfect, but it really is the first portable device I've ever used that is capable of producing real espresso," he says. Prince also reports that a panel of taste testers couldn't tell the difference between espresso produced by the Twist and that made using a $500 Gaggia espresso machine.

Wired magazine says the Twist produces "excellent, creamy espresso." Owners at agree, with one user saying, "At $150 and the size of a hammer, you get consistently excellent shots. If you remove the detachable spout you can see the blond-brown striped coffee goodness as it drips into your cup, and it tastes as good as it looks."

Ease of use

A bit laborious but not a deal-breaker. The Mypressi Twist V2 uses nine bars of pressure, courtesy of a nitrous-oxide cartridge that eliminates the need for external force to create the necessary pressure. To use this gadget, you fill the lower chamber in the unit with coffee grounds. You'll need access to a heating mechanism to heat your own water, then simply pour it into the Twist's water chamber and pull the trigger for an instant double shot of espresso.

"It's dead easy to operate, and since a cartridge makes four pours, there's not a lot of fiddling between rounds," says Mathew Honan for Wired magazine. However, he does point out that single shots can pour unevenly if you're not holding the unit level over your cup.

The Mypressi Twist can be messy, according to editors of Popular Mechanics, who compare the Twist to seven other single-serve coffee makers. "Between spilling grounds while loading up the Mypressi and the espresso that drips out of it after you pull your shot, the Twist may be the messiest of all the coffeemakers we reviewed. Also, to disassemble the Mypressi and clean its parts every day is more work than using the pod systems," they conclude.


Easy to store with a modern appeal. The Mypressi Twist V2 looks more like a handheld can opener than a coffee maker, but its black and chrome finish makes it a stylish kitchen gadget. It's small enough to store in a cabinet or drawer, so there's no need to invest in countertop real estate for great espresso. Honan says the Twist has a "gorgeous design."

Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker
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Our Sources


Review Credibility: Excellent In this 2010 review, the Mypressi Twist is compared to seven other single-serve coffee makers. The Mypressi Twist gets criticism for its labor-intensive process. Author Jeremy Repanich says this manual coffee maker is good for occasional use, but it's not ideal for making multiple cups.

Review: Single-Serve Coffeemaker Showdown: 8 Brewers Put to the Test, Jeremy Repanich, April 1 , 2010


Review Credibility: Excellent Abe Carmeli reviews the original Mypressi Twist in detail, and the article also includes an update addressing Mypressi's improvements to the Twist in the V2 version. Carmeli says the V2 offers better shot consistency and less prep per shot than the original.

Review: Mypressi Twist: Second Look, Abe Carmeli, Updated Nov. 16, 2010


Review Credibility: Good As part of a larger article on espresso trends, coffee expert Mark Prince discusses the Mypressi Twist as an up-and-coming trend. Prince commends the portability of this unit and says in a lab test, taste-testers were unable to discern the difference between espresso made by the Twist and that made by a $500 Gaggia espresso machine.

Review: State of Espresso 2010, Mark Prince, Aug. 16, 2010

4. Wired

Review Credibility: Fair Mathew Honan calls the Mypressi Twist "dead easy to operate." This review is brief, but to the point. We wish it had been updated more recently to include the upgraded Mypressi Twist V2.

Review: Excellent, Easy Espresso From an Affordable Portable Machine, Mathew Honan, Sept. 28, 2009


Review Credibility: Fair About 25 owners review the Mypressi Twist, contributing to an overall rating of 4.1 stars out of 5. Users love the portability of this gadget and say it makes exceptional espresso. There are some complaints of malfunctioning triggers, although most seem to be related to the original Mypressi Twist. The majority of those with complaints say customer service is excellent.

Review: Mypressi Twist Handheld Espresso Maker, Contributors to, As of November 2012

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