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Online Backup Services: Ratings of Sources

Total of 29 Sources
1. Laptop Magazine
April 25, 2012
Cloud Service Face-Off: Google vs. Microsoft vs. Apple
by Daniel P. Howley
Our AssessmentIn one of the more detailed reviews available online, Laptop Magazine's Dan Howley compares Apple iCloud, Microsoft SkyDrive and the newly launched (at the time) Google Drive. He provides in-depth information about how each of the services handles productivity, music, video and photo files along with comparative talk about each service's device support and pricing. In the end, Google Drive is named the clear winner.
2. Pocket-lint.com
April 26, 2012
Apple iCloud vs Google vs Amazon Cloud Drive vs Dropbox vs Microsoft SkyDrive
by Dan Sung
Our AssessmentPocket-lint.com's examination of the various cloud services is exhaustive, with in-depth comparisons of their storage space, file support, interface, device support, cost, global availability, and music and offline capabilities. All of them get a recommendation for one type of user or another, with the exception of Amazon's Cloud Drive.
3. PCMag.com
March 30, 2013
Disaster-Proof Your Data with Online Backup
by Michael Muchmore
Our AssessmentThe editors of PCMag.com test and rate a number of online backup services, and most get average ratings. SpiderOak, SOS Online Backup and Norton Online Backup stand out from the crowd, with SOS earning an Editors' Choice award. Reviews are detailed and thorough, and a good number of comparisons are made to other backup services.
4. Computerworld.com
Feb. 6, 2012
5 Online Backup Services Keep Your Data Safe
by Brian Nadel
Our AssessmentComputerworld evaluates five of the top online backup services using stringent, documented testing methods and hands-on analysis. Each service's security is covered, and all services receive a final summary verdict at the end of their individual reviews. All of the services are compared against one another at the end, and MozyHome emerges as the winner.
5. PCMag.com
Jan. 2, 2013
The Best Cloud Storage Solutions
by Jill Duffy
Our AssessmentIn this review of cloud storage solutions, more than a handful receive Editors' Choice recognition. However, SOS Online and SugarSync are the overall best reviewed. Reviews are detailed and thorough, and a good number of comparisons are made to other backup services.
6. PCMag.com
Sept. 28, 2012
The Best File-Syncing Services
by Jill Duffy
Our AssessmentJill Duffy reviews file-syncing services, but many of them also have full backup capability. SugarSync and Dropbox both receive Editors' Choice awards and are Duffy's top two choices. She says, however, that depending on your storage space needs, you could also consider one of several worthy competitors.
7. TechRadar.com
Feb. 18, 2011
6 of the Best Online Backup Services for Mac
by Christopher Brennan
Our AssessmentThis article from TechRadar.com touches on six online backup services. Crashplan is declared the overall winner, with much higher marks than its nearest competitors. The categories rated are value for money, interface, data retrieval and extras.
8. NotebookReview.com
Sept. 21, 2010
Online Backup Service Buyers Guide 2010
by Charles P. Jefferies
Our AssessmentCharles Jefferies compares five online backup providers, including MozyHome, Carbonite, Crashplan+, IDrive and SOS Online Backup. Testing criteria are well documented. Jefferies tests for ease of use, features, data security and value, and each service is rated on each of these factors. In the end, SOS Online Backup earns the highest ratings. Some of the finer details have changed since the article was published, but the vast majority of information is still useful.
9. NextAdvisor.com
April 16, 2013
Online Cloud Backup
by Editors of NextAdvisor.com
Our AssessmentAlthough NextAdvisor.com makes money through affiliate referral links, it nevertheless offers extensive, hands-on reviews of the products it covers, complete with screenshots and numerous evaluation criteria. The editors don't pull punches and provide their lasting impressions in closing summary paragraphs and overall ratings. Most of the services covered earn ratings of 4 or 5 stars, but numerous other sources also say that the various online backup services are closely matched.
10. PC Pro
As of May 2012
Latest Online Backup Reviews
by Editors of PC Pro
Our AssessmentPC Pro, based in Great Britain, is a prolific reviewer of online backup services. Not only are the reviews detailed and thorough, but editors also re-evaluate most online backup services once a year and adjust their ratings accordingly. PC Pro uses a six-star rating system, and most of the well-known services earn a 5-star rating, including LiveDrive, the only online backup service to earn a PC Pro Recommended A-List award.
11. Associated Press
May 3, 2012
Review: Using Files Made Easy with Online Storage
by Anick Jesdanun
Our AssessmentThis article, reprinted on the science and tech website Phys.org, discusses Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive and Dropbox, comparing how each of the online backup services stacks up to one another. Unique distinguishing characteristics are also covered. In the end, he says Google Drive is the cloud storage service of choice -- assuming you trust Google with your personal files.
12. CNET
Not dated
Online Backup
by Editors of CNET
Our AssessmentCNET site Download.com offers reviews of downloadable software and services. Editors award Dropbox a full 5 stars, while IDrive and the Dropbox Android app are close behind. Users also offer ratings.
13. Lifehacker.com
April 3, 2012
The Best Online Backup App for Windows
by Whitson Gordon
Our AssessmentLifehacker.com names Crashplan the best online backup service for Windows. Whitson Gordon discusses its major features, as well as Crashplan's big flaws and highlights, before spending roughly a paragraph apiece outlining a few key competitors, such as MozyHome and Dropbox.
14. TheVerge.com
April 24, 2012
Google Drive vs. Dropbox, SkyDrive, SugarSync, and Others: a Cloud Sync Storage Face-off
by Ellis Hamburger
Our AssessmentTheVerge.com examines lots of cloud storage services in its roundup. Most of the major information is conveyed via charts, with discussion limited to a single long, informative paragraph for each service, with the exception of Google Drive (which gets three). A head-to-head chart and concluding thoughts at the end of the article help to clarify where the syncing-style cloud storage services stand compared to one another.
15. MaximumPC.com
Feb. 24, 2011
The Back-Up Plan: We Examine 5 Cloud-Based Services
by Mark Edward Soper
Our AssessmentMaximum PC reviews five of the top online backup services, including the SugarSync file-syncing service. Major usage and installation factors are discussed, as is file restoration and overall impressions. "Fast Facts" lists outline key details at a glance. The magazine fails to pick a best overall service, however, and instead concludes the article with explanations of what each service does best.
16. Expert Reviews
As of May 2012
by Editors of Expert Reviews
Our AssessmentThe editors of Britain's Expert Reviews evaluate several online backup services. Reviews are reasonably detailed and balanced, and each service is rated on a five-star scale. Many services earn 4-star scores, while the syncing capabilities of SugarSync and Dropbox result in them receiving perfect 5-star ratings. SugarSync's 30 GB plan earns a Best Buy award.
17. RedmondPie.com
April 24, 2012
SkyDrive vs iCloud vs Dropbox: Which Is the Best Cloud Storage / Backup Service That You Should Use?
by Paul Paliath
Our AssessmentRedmondPie.com covers Apple, Microsoft and Google products and news, so this roundup comparison between Apple iCloud, Microsoft SkyDrive and Google Drive is right in its sweet spot -- and Dropbox is thrown in, too, for good measure. Each online backup service receives only a paragraph or two of discussion, however, which limits the depth of the analysis.
18. Mashable.com
April 24, 2012
How Does Google Drive Compare to the Competition?
by Christina Warren
Our AssessmentRather than offering reviews of several different online backup services, Mashable instead lists pertinent basic information for each in a slideshow at the top of the article, then spends the rest of its time detailing how Google Drive stacks up to the field. While several aspects of the services are covered, the discussion is usually limited to two or three sentences for each category, providing more of a broad stroke of impressions rather than in-depth details.
19. Techlicious.com
April 25, 2012
The Best Cloud Sync Storage Services
by Suzanne Kantra
Our AssessmentTechlicious bills itself as being "authoritative yet approachable" for a tech-savvy female audience, and that background shows in this review, which lacks some of the deep-dive technical details other sources offer but does a good job of introducing and comparing features to look for in an online backup service. SugarSync gets the nod over several competitors, including Google Drive and Microsoft SkyDrive.
20. Macworld
Dec. 22, 2010
Which Online Backup Service Is Right for You?
by Lex Friedman
Our AssessmentMacworld is one of the few sources to examine Macintosh-based online backup services exclusively. Though the report is becoming a bit stale and some of the finer details have changed, such as some pricing and local backup options, overall the review contains a wealth of still-useful information and provides a good hands-on overview of the six services covered.
21. About.com
May 2013
26 Online Backup Services Reviewed
by Tim Fisher
Our AssessmentTim Fisher, About.com's guide to PC support, discusses 26 online backup services in this review. Of the 26, Fisher calls Crashplan+ his favorite, but also finds things to like with several other options. He notes that MozyHome has discontinued its popular unlimited backup plan in favor of its current pricing structure.
22. TopTenReviews.com
Not dated
2013 Best Mac Online Backup Service Reviews
by Editors of TopTenReviews.com
Our AssessmentTopTenReviews.com has a detailed chart comparing the top 10 Mac online backup services, and each service receives its own review. However, it's hard to tell from the analysis whether these services were personally evaluated or whether the ratings are based on features. OpenDrive handily beats out ZipCloud for the highest rating.
23. TopTenReviews.com
Not dated
2013 Online Backup Services Comparisons and Reviews
by Editors of TopTenReviews.com
Our AssessmentThe top three choices at TopTenReviews.com in this 2013 review of online backup services have similar scores. ZipCloud and SugarSync receive full marks for security, while SafeSync is tops in customer service. It's unclear from this review, though, how much actual testing the TopTenReviews.com's editors conducted.
24. Gizmo's Freeware
April 23, 2013
Best Free Online Backup Sites
by Editors of Gizmo's Freeware
Our AssessmentGizmo's Freeware lists eight of the best free online backup services available. Each service receives relatively short reviews that are obviously written by an unpaid enthusiast rather than a polished professional, but they do deliver the basic pros and cons of each service quickly.
25. The Wall Street Journal
April 25, 2012
Google Stores, Syncs, Edits in the Cloud
by Walter S. Mossberg
Our AssessmentIn typical Walt Mossberg fashion, this review of Google Drive is more of a long personal musing about the highlights and lowlights of the service rather than a formal, structured report, but it is very thorough and touches on the major -- and some minor -- aspects of the service. Mossberg recommends Google Drive in the end, but recommends also trying out Microsoft SkyDrive.
26. Gizmodo.com
April 24, 2012
Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox and More Compared: What's the Best Cloud Option?
by Adrian Covert
Our AssessmentThis comparison article is basically just a chart listing the various features of some major cloud storage services next to one another, such as pricing, device support and maximum file upload size. Adrian Covert also spends a sentence or two talking about each service. "Overall, Google Drive hits a sweet spot between value and flexibility," he writes.
27. ConsumerReports.org
April 2012
Computer Backup Systems
by Editors of ConsumerReports.org
Our AssessmentConsumerReports.org doesn't conduct detailed testing on online backup systems, but editors do review several popular services. Unlike many reports, the services are not rated. Two online backup services are listed as "one of the best choices." The review is not dated and does not account for recent changes in the two recommended online backup services.
28. JunAuza.com
June 19, 2010
8 of the Best Online Backup Services for Linux
by Jun Auza
Our AssessmentJun Auza, a computer science professional, writes a technology blog called TechSource. On his website, Auza discusses the best online backup services for Linux operating systems. Because most reviews focus on Mac or Windows compatibility, this is a helpful resource for Linux users. Dropbox is declared his "favorite online backup service for its simplicity and ease of use."
29. TechHive.com
July 29, 2012
Top Cloud Services for Online Backup
by Paul Lilly
Our AssessmentThis article on the TechHive site is from PCWorld, and has fairly brief reviews that focus on operating systems support, amount of storage and ease of use. Crashplan is convincingly the winner and is also the best reviewed online cloud backup service for the iPad.
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