TD Ameritrade Review

Updated June 30, 2013
TD Ameritrade
Bottom Line

Named "best broker for your IRA" by and Barron's pick for long-term investing, TD Ameritrade offers over a hundred exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and hundreds of no-transaction-fee (NTF) choices for your IRA, along with 13,000 mutual fund options and no minimums or maintenance fees.

Ease of use

Simple setup via phone, online or in person. A standard account at TD Ameritrade is simple to open up online (or over the phone or in person) and there are plenty of prompts as you browse through the site. Retirement options include Traditional, Rollover, SEP, Simple and Roth IRAs. An account comes with free access to substantial research and multiple trading options: online, broker-assisted, mobile, etc. (Online trading, particularly at optimum times, can be slow, however.)

ProsExcellent research and trading tools, Nearly 2,000 commission-free funds, No minimumConsExpensive trades

Professional reviewers also rave about TD Ameritrade's tools -- including its Investor Movement Index, the first tool of its kind to track the buying and selling of retail investors -- and its browser and desktop trading platforms Trade Architect and ThinkOrSwim, which provide trade tools and analytics for free. The layout and pricing options are fairly clear, but aren't as detailed as those of some competitors like E*Trade (Est. $10 per trade) or Scottrade (Est. $7).

Pricing and services

No IRA minimum, maintenance fees -- but trades are pricey. TD Ameritrade's fees aren't cheap (Est. $10 per online trade for stocks, options and other trades), but the company offers more commission-free exchange-traded funds (ETFs) -- over 100 -- than any other major online broker. It also offers hundreds of no-transaction-fee funds or NTFs (which can contain other fees) and more than 13,000 mutual fund options -- the leading choice for many retirement-minded investors.

TD Ameritrade doesn't charge minimums or maintenance fees on IRA accounts, but trades for its over 1,800 no-load mutual funds are on the high side (Est. $50). Stock and option broker-assisted trades are available (Est. $45). For cheaper trades, try the best-reviewed online broker Scottrade (Est. $7 per trade and $17 for no-load funds) or our best-reviewed discount broker TradeKing (Est. $5 per trade).

Customer service

24/7 support and in-person agents. Customer service is one of TD Ameritrade's strengths. From the get-go, you can open an account with 24/7 customer-service assistance -- that includes email, phone, chat and even through an agent. (Online is recommended as fastest.) Unlike many competitors, TD Ameritrade has more than 100 branches in the U.S. The research, tools, calculators and courses for retirement planning (and retirees) are formidable, and most are available for non-account holders via TD Ameritrade's website. One active trader who has used T.D. Ameritrade, TradeKing and E*Trade Plain endorses T.D. Ameritrade, maintaining that its customer service "was great 95 percent of the time" and that agents are well versed in investing strategies.

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