• Guarantee on multi-month subscriptions
  • Detailed compatibility tests
  • Can search for matches yourself
  • Most profiles use prewritten wording

Bottom line (Est. $60 per month) states upfront that it's "an online relationship service" and, as such, is not for casual dating. It uses its matchmaking algorithm to provide you with the best possible matches based on your Duet Profile, and it allows you to search on your own. This site's guarantee ensures that you'll get at least a minimum number of suggested matches each month, though reviewers report that some may be inactive members.


Serious long-term relationships. (Est. $60 per month) states that it is not for casual dating and sets itself apart from traditional online dating websites in its goal, purpose and structure. Designed "specifically for single, like-minded adults seeking *long-term* relationships," this site's focus is on the quality of matches rather than the quantity. Married or separated people are not eligible to join this online dating service.


Combination matchmaking and search features. is a matchmaking site, similar to (Est. $60 per month) , and it's also a self-serve search site like (Est. $42 per month) or (Free). Relationship expert Pepper Schwartz created the Duet Compatibility Profile (you can take this for free), which includes questions on personality, lifestyle, values and preferences.

Reviewers say the tests are detailed, though most questions are true/false, giving them a black-and-white feel. You also can't use your own words, which disturbs some reviewers and users, as you can't really "get a feel" for people from their profiles. The compatibility search feature is based on your profile, and the keyword search feature allows you to search for particular descriptions or phrases. A guarantee on all multimonth subscriptions ensures you'll get a certain number of suggested matches each month.

Features and costs

More than one kind of account. It's free to become a member of, take the Duet Compatibility Profile (a $50 value) and use your Basic account. To correspond with people via email, online chat or instant messaging, however, you need to become a paid member. The Premium plan (Est. $60 per month) gives you unlimited access to profiles, advanced search tools and the ability to see who's bookmarked your profile. Upgrading to the Platinum plan (Est. $33 per month on a six-month subscription) allows all members who have completed the Duet profile to reach you for free, and your profile will appear high in all search results.


May receive inactive matches. The trouble with the minimum-number-of-matches-per-month guarantee, past members report, is that many matches that come to your inbox are inactive or unsuitable, since preferences outside the compatibility/personality test are often ignored. This makes it not as worthwhile as's guarantee, which is based on whether you meet someone suitable.

Our Sources

1. isn't a favorite with either the male or the female editor at He says the test, with its true/false questions, is too simplistic. She's disturbed by the lack of personal input from users on their profiles and says the "In My Words" part of the profile should receive more emphasis.

Review: Review: Online Dating, Editors of, Not dated


After running trials in five cities in the U.S. with varying demographics, the male testers at Best Dating Sites Guide placed in fourth place. However, they pointed out that there's really no difference between the 3rd, 4th and 5th place sites. They received an impressive 68 percent response rate to their initial email, which they wrote to suit this "straightforward" dating site.

Review: Review: Why Was Ranked 4th, Editors of, Sept. 6, 2012

3. Dating Sites

Editors at give their 2010 award for most innovative dating site because of new features like uploading videos (though no instant messaging) and comparisons of profiles of potential matches. Editors also like the guarantees and detailed questionnaire, though they grumble that it takes a while to fill out.

Review: Review, Editors of, Not dated

4. comes in third place in's 2013 annual roundup of online dating sites, behind and tying with The colorful comparison bar graph of all rated criteria for dating sites reviewed shows with a perfect rectangle, earning exactly 8.75 out of 10 in all categories, including profiles, search/match features, ease of use and dating pool potential.

Review:, Editors of, Not dated

5. eDate Review

More than 75 contributors of give feedback on, though it's mostly negative. Many users complain of inactive matches and say that their preferences (outside of the compatibility test results) are often ignored. They admit, however, that this is clearly a site geared towards long-term relationships.

Review: Reviews of, Contributors to, Not dated

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