Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor

Best ovulation predictor kit

  • Easy to use
  • Results are easy to understand
  • Highly accurate
  • Must purchase additional test strips monthly
  • Does not work for cycles less than 21 days or greater than 42
  • Takes several minutes to offer readings
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Bottom line

Many women say they owe their conception to the Clearblue Fertility Monitor. Numerous studies show the monitor, which analyzes both estrogen and luteinizing hormone (LH) to predict ovulation several days before it occurs, is among the most accurate means of predicting fertility. Reviewers say the results are easy to understand and the monitor is simple to use. There are a few notable flaws, especially for the price, but overall it's an excellent means of predicting ovulation.


Clinically proven accuracy. Numerous studies have been conducted involving the Clearblue Fertility Monitor, and all find it to be an effective means of predicting ovulation and fertility. The tests compare it to other ovulation prediction methods, including cervical mucus self-assessment, basal body temperature tracking, saliva readings, and other predictor kits that test LH. It's consistently found to be among the most reliable, helping to predict not only ovulation but the days leading up to it. It's worth noting a few -- but not all -- of the studies are conducted by researchers employed by the manufacturer of Clearblue. Some reviewers say that Clearblue helped them conceive.

Ease of use

Digital reading makes monitoring a breeze. Reviewers say the Clearblue Fertility Monitor is very simple to use. A few find the instruction manual lacking, but overall reviewers find it very easy to get results and understand them. Reviewers love that the device can predict when they will ovulate, and many say it helped them conceive in the first month. There are a few complaints, particularly given the high price tag of this product: Users dislike that they need to purchase test strips separately. A few also complain that it's not easy to get data off the device onto a computer. Of note: The monitor does not work for women with a cycle greater than 42 days or less than 21.

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Our Sources

1. The Annals of Pharmacotherapy

This review considers data from the past 40 years of research to provide information on the best ovulation prediction and pregnancy tests. Urine luteinizing hormone (LH) tests are found to be most accurate. Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor is said to detect both ovulation and the fertile window, with the greatest drawback being a high upfront cost.

Review: Urinary-Based Ovulation and Pregnancy: Point-of-Care Testing, Samantha F. Eichner and Erin M. Timpe, February 2004


The review compares ovulation prediction methods including basal body temperature (BBT) monitoring, urine luteinizing hormone (LH) tests, urine LH and estrone-3-glucuronide (E3G) monitoring, saliva testing and a combination of saliva and cervical mucus monitoring. The Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor is a favorite, despite its high cost, as it was most sensitive to LH changes and easy to use.

Review: Devices for Home Evaluation of Women's Health Concerns: Ovulation Prediction, Kelly L. Scolaro et al., April 30, 2008

3. editors compare 11 well-known ovulation predictor kits. Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor stands out as the best fertility predictor kit. Although this report is dated, all of the products tested are available.

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4. Fertility and Sterility

This study specifically examines the effectiveness of the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor. Researchers found that using the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor considerably increased couples' likelihood of conception. It is worth noting that this study was conducted by researchers working for the company that makes Clearblue -- lowering its credibility slightly.

Review: Increased Pregnancy Rate with Use of the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor, Janet E. Robinson, Melanie Wakelin and Jayne Ellis, February 2007

5. Human Reproduction

This study, conducted by the makers of the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor, found that the monitor accurately predicted ovulation 91 percent of the time. The researchers' loyalty to the product knocks the study's credibility slightly, though.

Review: Prediction of Ovulation by Urinary Hormone Measurements with the Home Use ClearPlan(R) Fertility Monitor: Comparison with Transvaginal Ultrasound Scans and Serum Hormone Measurements, H.M. Behre et al., September 2000

6. Contraception

When comparing women's self-assessment of cervical mucus versus Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor as a means of predicting the fertile window, Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor wins out. Researchers found self-assessment tended to overestimate the fertility window, whereas the Clearblue Easy Digital Fertility Monitor tended to underestimate.

Review: A Comparison of the Fertile Phase as Determined by the Clearplan Easy Fertility Monitor(TM) and Self-Assessment of Cervical Mucus, Richard J. Fehring, Kathleen Raviele and Mary Schneider, January 2004

7. The University of Montana

This article is written as a tutorial for pharmacists on the best ovulation predictor kits to recommend to patients. The Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor is one of seven included and is shown to be reliable and able to give a five-day warning of ovulation.

Review: Advice and Devices: Fertility Monitoring Update for the Practicing Pharmacist, Genine Thormahlen, Pharm.D., April 17, 2005

8. editors compare five of the top fertility monitoring gadgets, including the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor. Editors praise the test's accuracy and its ability to predict ovulation long before other tests. Editors note you'll need to purchase your own test strips.

Review: The Best Fertility Gadgets, Editors of, Not Dated


The Bump editors list five of the best tools for tracking ovulation and fertility, and name the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor the Best Bells-and-Whistles Kit. They note its high price tag as a con, and the likelihood that it won't work for those with a cycle less than 21 days or more than 42. But they praise its accuracy and personalized readings. Editors quote readers who've been successful and unsuccessful using the device.

Review: Top 5 Ovulation Predictor Kits, Editors of The Bump, Not Dated


Nearly 500 reviewers at give the Clearblue Fertility Monitor an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars, the highest score in the ovulation and fertility test kits category. Reviewers say the monitor is easy to use, but they're divided on the quality of the testing instructions. Several say the monitor helped them conceive quickly after months of trying other methods. Users complain that it's sold with only a few test strips.

Review: Clearblue Fertility Monitor Test 1 Count, Contributors to, As of July 2013


Contributors to rate the Clearblue Fertility Monitor as the best ovulation prediction device, with over 220 reviewers giving it an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Reviewers say the monitor is easy to use and results are simple to interpret. Some reviewers complain that the monitor takes several minutes to offer a reading; however, many users are ecstatic that this tool helped them conceive within a month.

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12. recommends the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor based on user reviews and scientific studies. It's one of three kits discussed in the article, but it's not clear which is considered the best.

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The editors at label the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor as their top pick. Among the pros they include the monitor's ability to identify up to six fertile days, its identification of both LH and estrogen, and its suitability for women with irregular cycles.

Review: Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor, Editors of, Aug. 13, 2011

14. Sperm Meets Egg Plan

Sperm Meets Egg Plan editors say the best method of predicting ovulation is cheap fertility test strips, but they recommend the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor as a device that can eliminate guesswork. They also say its ability to save data from the previous six cycles can be helpful for identifying patterns.

Review: Best Ovulation Predictor Kits (OPKs), Editors of Sperm Meets Egg Plan, Not Dated

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