Early-Pregnancy-Tests.com Ovulation Test Strips

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July 2013
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Early-Pregnancy-Tests.com Ovulation Test Strips

  • Highly accurate
  • Same testing method as pricier options
  • Convenient for those who need to test frequently
  • Difficult to read
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Bottom line

For women looking for a test they can use frequently without breaking the bank, Early-Pregnancy-Tests.com Ovulation Test Strips are a good choice. Experts find this LH test to be one of the most reliable products to monitor ovulation. Users praise it for being affordable, but there are complaints about the tests' readability. Reviewers say the results aren't always clear like with digital tests.


Just as reliable as pricier tests. According to numerous studies, LH tests, like Early-Pregnancy-Tests.com, are among the most reliable means of monitoring ovulation. The manufacturers say that each of the tests comes in a foil packet and doesn't expire until two years from the date of purchase. The downside is that the ovulation strips can only be purchased online, and they have not been reviewed or tested as extensively as other ovulation tests. And of course, if these tough-to-read tests are misinterpreted, their accuracy is significantly undermined.

Ease of use

Cheap and simple, but no frills at all. Although reviews of Early-Pregnancy-Tests.com Ovulation Test Strips are limited, most are positive. Users praise their affordability. The strips can be ordered in any quantity, and the price per unit goes down with larger orders. This is helpful for the many women who need, for various reasons, to test more than once a day or over longer periods of time. However, the tests are admittedly frill-free and don't offer the clear, digital reading of some alternatives.

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Although some users at Amazon.com had trouble reading the results of the Early-Pregnancy-Tests.com Ovulation Test Strips, most say that they are easy to use and work really well. In addition, a few reviewers report missing their luteinizing hormone (LH) surge entirely with these tests. Despite these hiccups, more than 30 reviewers give an average score of 4.4 out of 5 stars.

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2. AssociatedContent.com

Candice Cain of Yahoo! Contributor Network says that Early-Pregnancy-Tests.com Ovulation Test Strips are a more affordable option for ovulation prediction. She says they are very sensitive and easy to read. Cain also rates Early-Pregnancy-Tests.com's customer service as great. She doesn't discuss other products in this review.

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