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Staples SPL-TXC122A 12-Sheet High Speed Cross-Cut

Est. $150
July 2013
by ConsumerSearch
Staples SPL-TXC122A

  • Very fast speeds
  • Shreds CDs, DVDs and junk mail
  • Safety lock-out key
  • Doesn't shred paper clips
  • Long cool-down period
  • May need frequent emptying; heavy when full

Bottom line

The Staples SPL-TXC122A 12-Sheet High Speed Cross-Cut paper shredder is a fast worker compared to competing paper shredders. It doesn't shred paper clips, but owners say it can swallow unopened junk mail without jamming. A red lock-out key speaks to safety. Its wastebasket-style bin gets heavy when full, owners say.


Long runtime with long cool-down period. The Staples SPL-TXC122A is a crosscut paper shredder with a rated sheet capacity of 12 pages. Editors at Good Housekeeping find that this shredder "could tackle as many as 17 sheets at a time without a problem" in tests. Owners on, however, say the SPL-TXC122A performs relatively jam-free as long as you don't exceed the 12 sheet capacity.

It can run continuously for six minutes (longer than most paper shredders) and is rated for up to 100 passes -- insertions of one of more sheets of paper at a time -- per day. One caveat is that its rated cool-down period (duty cycle "off-time") of 90 minutes is high. At 65 decibels, it's relatively quiet.

Features and safety

Devours unopened junk mail, can't shred paper clips. The Staples SPL-TXC122A doesn't shred paper clips, though owners say it handles unopened envelopes of junk mail rather well. It can also shred CDs and DVDs. A red lock-out key is its only significant safety feature, but users say this does a good job of preventing children or pets from accidentally powering on the shredder, even when it's plugged in. A light comes on to indicate that the bin is full. Some owners say it comes on prematurely, however. The main drawback is that like all wastebasket-style shredders, it's heavy when full. You have to manually lift off the motor and cutters to empty the bin.


Good option for a speedy paper and junk mail shredder. The Staples SPL-TXC122A is a good choice for those who want a paper shredder that can not only shred paper quickly but also handle unopened envelopes of junk mail. Its inability to chew through paper clips, long cool-down times and wastebasket-style bin, however, bar it from being a prime choice for busy offices. The Staples SPL-TXC122A comes with a one-year warranty. Judging from the hundreds of user reviews on, this shredder seems to be fairly reliable; some report owning the paper shredder for up to four years without problems.

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