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Endless Summer 92000 Tabletop Heater

*Est. $125
Reviewed by ConsumerSearch
Endless Summer 92000

  • Fuel-tank versatility
  • 11,000 BTUs
  • Good value
  • Safety features
  • Ineffective in wind
  • Warms only about a 10-foot circle

Consumer Reports tests an earlier but similar Endless Summer tabletop patio heater, but this review is more useful for understanding the uses and limitations of patio heaters than for ranking models. This is also true of Jim Dulley's buyer's guide at, though the Endless Summer tabletop patio heater is reviewed here. We found the best assessment of the Endless Summer 92000 at This retail website notes pros and cons better than similar sites. We found about a dozen brief owner reviews at that represent a fairly diverse sampling of opinion, and most like the Endless Summer 92000 in mild conditions.

The budget-priced Endless Summer tabletop heater (also sold under the Uniflame, Blue Rhino and Charmglow brand names) is recommended in more reviews than any other patio heater. The hexagonal stainless-steel base is rustproof, and heat adjusts up to 11,000 BTUs, higher than on some competing tabletop patio heaters. An optional connection hose lets you save fuel costs by using a refillable 20-pound propane tank instead of restricting you to disposable 1-pound cylinders. This little patio heater is designed for use on an outdoor table, warming an area about 10 feet in diameter -- as long as there's no wind and the temperature isn't too low. To warm a larger area, consider a freestanding patio heater such as the Garden Sun Outdoor Propane Patio Heater (*Est. $175).

Our Sources


An earlier version of the Endless Summer 92000 table patio heater is tested here, along with two other models. Unlike most reviews at Consumer Reports, however, this one doesn't rate or rank the patio heaters.

Review: How to Warm a Chilly Patio, Editors of Consumer Reports, June 2003


This patio heater buyer's guide by energy-efficiency expert Jim Dulley recommends the Uniflame Endless Summer tabletop heater as one of the best buys. No testing is documented, however, and the report discusses many brands and models without ranking them.

Review: Bulletin 775: Patio Heaters, Jim Dulley

3. The Washington Post

This brief article includes an earlier Endless Summer table model as one of four recommended patio heaters but doesn't document any testing.

Review: Home & Garden: Backyard: Hot Enough for You?, Sara Schaefer Munoz, Oct. 22, 2005


About a dozen owners review the Endless Summer tabletop patio heater here, giving it mostly positive reviews. A few owners are disappointed that it doesn't provide more heat, especially with wind or a really chilly temperature.

Review: Uniflame Endless Summer Tabletop Outdoor Heater, Stainless Steel, Contributors to


Several Endless Summer tabletop patio heaters get good reviews here from staff and owners. The six-sided model is both an Editor's Choice and a best seller. Two of the three owner-written reviews are positive, while one reviewer complains that the heater isn't recommended in temperatures below 40 degrees.

Review: Endless Summer Premium 6-Sided Tabletop Patio Heater, Editors and contributors to


This is a retailer website, but the brief staff reviews usually mention pros and cons. Reviewers praise the Endless Summer 92000 for its ability to use either a refillable 20-pound propane tank as well as disposable one-pound cylinders.

Review: Endless Summer Tabletop Outdoor Patio Heater - Stainless Steel, Editors of

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