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Fire Sense 55006 Copper Finish Deluxe Patio Heater

Est. $250
August 2013
by ConsumerSearch
Fire Sense 55006 Copper Finish Deluxe Patio Heater

  • High heat output
  • Includes wheels and auto shut-off
  • Painted finish wears off
  • Tricky to assemble
  • Mixed reports on heating range
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Bottom line

The Fire Sense 55006 costs a bit more than the top-rated Fire Sense 60485 (Est. $155) but boasts more power to boot. Though users do find its range is also limited. The Fire Sense 55006 can prove hard to assemble, but on the plus side, it's equipped with wheels for easy portability and a tilt-activated auto shut-off.


Mixed reviews on heating range. Reports differ on the Fire Sense 55006's power and range. The manufacturer claims it can distribute heat up to nine feet in all directions, and many reviews say this claim is reasonable. However, others argue its true range is only about half as much. One reviewer says you "need to be sitting right on top of the unit to feel any real heat." Also, as with other propane heaters, its heat output is easily disrupted by windy weather. Users love the heater's copper finish, but they warn that it's painted on and will not last like real copper.

Ease of use

Assembly is a bear. The Fire Sense 55006 receives many complaints about the assembly process. Several owners say the directions are confusing and misleading. For example, the base must be filled with sand to weigh it down, but the directions don't tell you to do this until the end, requiring you to disassemble the whole heater (after you just finished assembling it). Several owners include their own corrections to the instructions in their reviews. The directions for lighting the heater are inaccurate as well, according to a couple of reviewers. After completing the tricky assembly, however, it lights easily, and the wheels make it a breeze to move as well.


A few durability complaints. Some reviewers describe the Fire Sense 55006 as sturdy and well built, but others contend it doesn't have the quality of a commercial product. Its biggest vulnerability is the copper finish, which is actually painted over steel. Owners say it tends to wear off, leaving the unit vulnerable to rust. We also read a few reports of damage to the control knob and the reflector cap. The Fire Sense 55006 is backed by a one-year warranty, but we did not see any comments from users about how readily the company honors it.

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Fire Sense 55006 Deluxe Patio Heater, Copper Finish

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We found about 25 reviews for the Fire Sense 55006 at, averaging 4.1 stars out of 5. Some owners say it radiates heat a good eight to 10 feet, but others argue it only has half that range.

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The Fire Sense 55006 Copper Finish Deluxe Patio Heater has about 10 ratings at, averaging 4.5 stars out of 5. Owners like the heater's performance and looks, but several find it hard to assemble due to the confusing instructions.

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The Fire Sense 11201, a stainless-steel equivalent to the Fire Sense 55006, receives an overall rating of 3.9 stars from about 35 owners at While most owners say it's well-made and has good heat output, we saw many complaints that the instructions for assembly and use were inaccurate.

Review: Fire Sense Deluxe Patio Heater, Unpainted Stainless Steel, Contributors to, As of July 2013

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