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Solaira All-Season Quartz Patio Heater

*Est. $280
Reviewed by ConsumerSearch
Solaira All-Season Quartz Patio Heater

  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Plugs into ordinary outlet
  • Safe for kids and pets
  • Unaffected by wind
  • Orange glow over everything

A Canadian consumer program, Shopping Bags, includes a commercial-level Solaira quartz patio heater in its informal comparison tests of several patio heater types. We found a handful of owner-written reviews of the Solaira All-Season patio heater at The Solaira manufacturer's site provides more detailed information, as does a retail site,

Electric patio heaters are efficient, warming objects rather than the air. Unlike gas-fueled patio heaters, they're unaffected by wind -- and of course you don't need to worry about refilling a propane tank. Owners say the weatherproof 1,500-watt Solaira All-Season Quartz Patio Heater is easy to hang on a wall and works well, though you may need more than one to provide enough heat. The main drawback is that like all quartz patio heaters, the Solaira All-Season casts an orange glow over the people and objects in its path. You can heat about the same area with an 11,000-BTU propane patio heater such as the Endless Summer 92000 Tabletop Heater (*Est. $125).

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Our Sources

1. The Shopping Bags

The commercial-level Solaira Cosy quartz patio heater gets the top rating in the informal comparison tests of patio heaters here, based on the reactions of party goers. The electric heater is also the most efficient model.

Review: Patio Heaters: Our Tests, Anna Wallner and Kristina Matisic, Sept. 12, 2008


Only a handful of owners review the Solaira All-Season electric patio heater here, giving it mixed ratings. Owners like its safety (especially for kids and pets) and say it spreads warmth well. The main drawback is the orange light it casts over everyone and everything -- a problem with other brands and models of quartz patio heaters as well.

Review: Solaira All-Season Quartz Patio Heater, Contributors to


This retail site doesn't publish any reviews of the Solaira All-Season patio heater but provides extra detail about it, including photos.

Review: Solaira Heaters, Editors of

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