Hearthstone Heritage

Est. $3,000
December 2013
by ConsumerSearch
Hearthstone Heritage

  • Radiates heat for hours after fire goes out
  • Relatively cool surface
  • EPA-certified
  • Not for quick, short fires
  • Problems with door latch, ash pan
  • Concerns about fit and finish

Bottom line

The Hearthstone Heritage wood stove draws many compliments for its handsome soapstone construction, which continues radiating heat for hours after the fire has gone out. The trade-off is that the stove heats up relatively slowly. In addition, owners aren't thrilled about leaving the door open to get a fire started, and they say the ash pan is useless and the door hinge pins need to be tapped back into place periodically.


Soapstone provides gentle, radiant heat. Most owners confirm that the Hearthstone Heritage meets or exceeds its projected eight-hour burn time, with another four hours of radiant heat afterward. Secondary combustion creates a hot, clean flame, and its soapstone construction continues radiating heat for several hours after the fire goes out. The downside is that this stove can take an hour or more to begin providing heat when you first fire it up. The Heritage is 81 percent efficient, produces a maximum of 55,000 Btu, heats up to 1,900 square feet and has a 2.3-cubic-foot rectangular firebox.


Mixed reviews. A few of the Hearthstone Heritage's features draw consistent criticism, in particular the ash pan, which one Hearth.com user describes as "unusable, really." The door hinges may need to be tapped back into place periodically, and the door latches tend to wear away or break. On the other hand, the oversized front door and window, plus a side door for easy loading of long logs, draws praise. The Heritage's flue can be set to a top or rear exit; a blower kit and outside air adapter are both optional. The firebrick-lined firebox is a nice touch, but users say the firebox baffle is very fragile.


EPA-certified. The Hearthstone Heritage is alcove certified, mobile home certified and EPA-certified for low emissions of 2.77 grams per hour. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty on the stone, air supply and some cast-iron parts. Other parts are covered for one to five years. The minimum hearth size is 47 inches by 37-1/2 inches deep in the U.S., or 107 by 117 centimeters in Canada. Minimum clearances with a single-wall pipe and no rear shield are 17 inches to the sides, 16 inches to the rear and 12 inches in corners. With a double-wall pipe and a rear heat shield, minimum clearances become 15 and 16 inches to the sides, 7 inches to the rear and 11 inches in corners.

Ease of use

Easy access. The Hearthstone Heritage's front and side doors make for easy access, and its rectangular firebox accepts logs of up to 21 inches. Many owners like its looks, but when it comes to operation, they say they have to leave at least one of the doors open to really get a fire going. The Heritage's radiant heat is also harder to move around a home than the heated air produced by a convection stove. The ash pan is a disaster; most owners just shovel instead. Several wish for the ability to shut off airflow to the stove completely.

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