• Heats well
  • Optional hopper extension
  • Nice features
  • Fans can get loud
  • Somewhat picky about pellets
  • Mixed reviews on durability

Bottom line

Owners say the Napoleon NPS45 provides reliable heat if you perform regular cleanings and maintenance, and get the variable-speed auger and blower set correctly. The NPS45 does best with high-quality pellets, producing up to 42,500 Btu and heating up to 2,000 square feet. It comes with a 55-pound hopper and optional 25-pound extension, plus an automatic-purge burn pot and four-stage fail-safe.


Optional hopper extension. If the Napoleon NPS45's 55-pound front-access, top-loading hopper isn't enough for you, an optional extension brings it to 80 pounds. The stove produces up to 42,500 Btu, and is rated for heating up to 2,000 square feet; the manufacturer quotes a burn rate of 1 to 5 pounds of pellets per hour. Some users complain that pellets stick to the sides of the hopper instead of falling down to be fed into the burn pot, and cheap pellets may clog the auger. This is one stove where you definitely get better results if you burn high-quality pellets.


Automatic purge cycle. One of the biggest differences between the Napoleon NPS45 and its immediate predecessor, the NPS40, is an automatic purge cycle that cleans the burn pot every 60 minutes. It also comes with a variable-speed auger and 120 cfm blower, both adjusted via digital controls; thermostatic control capability, including a temporary "off" when the thermostat hasn't called for heat in a while; built-in heat exchange cleaner rod; and clean-glass airwash system. An outside air kit can be purchased separately. We found quite a few complaints that the built-in blowers are very loud, but a couple of users think this is caused by having the feed rate set too high.


Comes with a four-stage fail-safe. The Napoleon NPS45 is EPA-exempt, but complies with Washington and Oregon emissions requirements. It's also mobile home certified and alcove approved, and comes with a four-stage fail-safe system. The stove is covered by a limited lifetime warranty, although we found sharply divided customer opinions about parts durability. Minimum clearances and hearth size are at least 6 inches to the front and sides for straight installation, and 3 inches to the rear judged off the vent. Corner clearances are at least 2 inches.

Ease of use

Simple to operate. Most users seem to agree that the Napoleon NPS40 -- and its replacement, the NPS45 -- is easy to use. "Napoleon stoves are easy to run, easy to clean. Cleaning this stove is key to good performance," writes one user at The NPS40 receives excellent scores for cleaning and loading from a leading consumer research organization, and the NPS45 is essentially the same stove with digital controls. We found numerous complaints about customer care, often directed at local dealers.

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