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US Stove 2000

Est. $1,000
December 2013
by ConsumerSearch
US Stove 2000

  • Good heat
  • Inexpensive
  • Relatively thin steel
  • Oddly shaped firebox, too-small door
  • Easy to overfire
  • Won't bank more than 6 hours

Bottom line

The US Stove 2000 is a favorite for those in search of a wood stove on a budget. Owners have no complaints about the heat it puts out, but several say it won't hold a banked fire for more than six hours. Others worry about the US Stove 2000's relatively light steel construction, say it's easy to overfire, and agree that the firebox is oddly shaped and the door is too small.


Funky firebox. The one thing everybody agrees on about the US Stove 2000 is that it puts out plenty of heat. The manufacturer promises up to 89,000 Btu and a maximum heating area of 2,000 square feet. That said, the trade-off is a quirky stove that drafts only in the front (so the back corners don't burn well), is easy to overfire, can't bank a fire for more than six hours and has a strangely shaped, 1.9-cubic-foot firebox with a too-small door. If you're going to get the promised 21-inch-long pieces of wood in there, they'd better be skinny.


Promising features. The US Stove 2000 has some promising features, but unfortunately it's not consistent. The stove is firebrick-lined and has a 100 cfm blower, but it can get a little loud once the fire gets going. The ash pan is too small, some say, so ashes pile up fast; others worry that the stove's 275-pound weight means it's made of thin steel and won't last long. No installation materials are included with the 2000, so you'll have to purchase your own flue, chimney connector and so on. It has a three-year warranty on the door and firebox, one year of coverage on everything else, and reimbursement of up to $30 per hour for replacement of covered parts.


EPA-certified. The US Stove 2000 is EPA-certified and mobile home approved. However, some owners wish they could shut off airflow completely and others aren't thrilled about leaving the door open to get a fire started. Side and back clearances range between 20 and 22-1/2 inches with single-wall pipe, or 14 to 20 inches with double-wall pipe. The hearth must be 1 inch of non-combustible surface with an R-value of 1.2, covering an additional 25 inches to the front, 8 inches to the sides and 6 inches to the rear (8 inches in Canada).

Ease of use

Could use some tweaking. The US Stove 2000 requires some simple assembly; most owners say it takes about 15 minutes. However, not all of its features work well. Users say the air wash doesn't always keep the glass clean, and the firebox design makes it too easy to pull ash out onto the floor. "If you don't clean this thing out every day, the ashes get too deep and inhibit the air flow," warns one owner at Others complain of strong fumes during the first few burns, and say firewood has to be split quite small to fit into the oddly shaped firebox.

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