Vermont Castings DutchWest 2478

  • Side loading
  • Ash pan
  • Heat easy to adjust
  • Holds fire up to 10 hours
  • Very low emissions
  • Maximum 1,400 square feet
  • Steep learning curve
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February 2009. Vermont Castings is one of the EPA-certified woodstove brands that earns the most recommendations in reviews. The DutchWest Everburner stoves are noncatalytic models that rival catalytic woodstoves for low emissions. The Everburner system carries a lifetime warranty, but owners say it's a bit tricky to learn to use correctly. This middle size, the DutchWest 2478, is rated for 800 to 1,400 square feet with a maximum output of 35,000 BTU. It's suitable even for people who work away from home, since it can hold a fire as long as 10 hours. It comes ready to burn outside air to minimize indoor pollution. The warranty is for three years on the cast iron, one year for other parts except for the Everburner system. If you need to heat a larger space, consider the Hearthstone Heritage (*est. $2,825), which carries a lifetime warranty.

We found objective information about the Vermont Castings noncatalytic DutchWest stoves at Hearth and Home, comparing its EPA-tested emissions with those of other stoves. For coverage of more factors, the owner-written reviews and forum discussions at and the Gordosoft Corporation provide plenty of detail. Buyer's guides at and are highly credible, but discuss the Vermont Castings DutchWest stoves without any evidence of actual use. The buyer's guide at is more up to date, but doesn't recommend specific brands. Nor does the interesting article at, which covers the ecological aspects of heating with wood.

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Vermont Castings 2478 Non-Catalytic Cast Iron Stove

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The Vermont Castings DutchWest earns one of the top spots in the Certified Stoves Hall of Fame because of its very low emissions.

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Nearly 30 owners review various Vermont Castings stoves in the DutchWest series, but some review the catalytic version. Owners like the noncatalytic DutchWest, but note that you have to wait a while to adjust the damper so the system works correctly; you can't just load the stove and leave the house. There are also many discussions of this stove in the forum here.

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This detailed anonymous review covers the Vermont Castings DutchWest 2479 – the next size up -- with a link to a review and 10-page forum discussion of this model, along with videos of the stove in action.

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The Vermont Castings DutchWest series is among the wood stoves recommended in this buyer's guide by household energy expert Jim Dulley, though he covers the catalytic version. The noncatalytic version has the same features he notes: "solid, durable cast iron," spark screen for viewing the fire, stovetop cooking option, automatic thermostat and optional warming shelves.

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This buyer's guide recommends Vermont Castings as one of four brands of EPA-certified wood stoves, but recommends buying from an expert local dealer. The article includes encouraging statistics on how burning logs is a "green" way to heat a home.

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