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Create and track budgets, manage debt

If you need to manage expenses for a group, reviewers recommend (Free). Unlike other sites, Buxfer can manage group expenses, so couples, roommates or travel buddies can keep track of who has paid what and issue IOUs to their partners. Users can even pay their friends through the website, using a bank account, credit card or through PayPal. In addition to IOUs, tracks bank, credit card and investment accounts. lets users track up to five accounts and five budgets; you can invite as many people as you want to track shared expenses. Enhanced accounts (*Est. $5 per month) offer unlimited access to services and provide balance projections. Like other sites, performs account aggregation, creates spending reports and sends out alerts and weekly financial reports via email and text message; it also offers mobile account access via the iPhone and Android devices. can automatically download transactions and update your accounts, but you can also manually upload account information. Another unique feature of is the ability to update accounts through Twitter.

Even simpler, reviewers say, is (Free). This site's signature feature lets users create virtual envelopes to track spending and create savings goals, and connects to over 14,000 financial institutions. Like most other personal finance management websites we've reviewed, offers account aggregation with automatic updates. In addition, like more sophisticated personal finance sites, accesses bank and credit card accounts and also tracks IRAs, 401(k) accounts, stocks, mutual funds, mortgages and auto loans, so it can provide an up-to-date calculation of your net worth. A subscription-based option (*Est. $10 per month) offers online bill paying and other features that the free version lacks.

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