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Yodlee MoneyCenter

June 2012
by ConsumerSearch
Yodlee MoneyCenter

  • Can pay bills and transfer money from the site
  • Can split transactions and enter them manually
  • Tracks rewards accounts
  • User must provide login information for all accounts
  • Not user-friendly
  • Not much information on website

Yodlee has long provided account aggregation services for other companies, including, and launched its own personal finance site in 2006. Yodlee MoneyCenter provides automatic account aggregation and updates and can track virtually any type of account. You can do all things here that you can do on most other sites: pay bills and transfer funds without leaving the site; split transactions; enter transactions manually; create reports showing spending trends; and even track your net worth. Reviewers love Yodlee MoneyCenter's robust functionality, but most say it's not user-friendly. Yodlee MoneyCenter sends alerts for bills and account activity, and you can pay your bills online. As far as financial education goes, Yodlee has a blog with some informative articles, though the latest entry is from December 2011.

Smartphone users can use Yodlee's MoneyCenter mobile app (*Est. $3.99) that lets you view your financial data on your Apple, Android or BlackBerry mobile device. However, reviews for the app haven't been particularly positive, and most other financial sites provide their mobile apps for free. and at have the best reviews for Yodlee MoneyCenter. We also found worthwhile coverage at,,, and, though some of those reports are growing older.

Our Sources


Yodlee MoneyCenter lands in second place in's roundup of the top five personal finance sites. In his brief review, Jason Fitzpatrick says that Yodlee MoneyCenter is similar to but not as flashy. He highlights Yodlee MoneyCenter's emphasis on analyzing raw data, which gives users more fine-grained control and the ability to tweak things manually.

Review: Five Best Personal Money Management Sites, Jason Fitzpatrick, July 11, 2010


Shelley Elmblad suggests that Yodlee MoneyCenter is worth a look if you don't need detailed budgeting tools. She says that it's very easy to create manual transactions with this service, so you don't have to use the automatic updating features. (Note: ConsumerSearch is owned by, but the two don't share an editorial affiliation.)

Review: Yodlee MoneyCenter Review, Shelley Elmblad, Sept. 20, 2010


The editors of give Yodlee MoneyCenter a rating of 4 out of 5, or very good. Kathy Yakal says what most reviewers do: "As the engine for numerous financial institutions, Yodlee MoneyCenter was a pioneer in account aggregation. That shows in the depth of its features -- and the outdated interface."

Review: Yodlee MoneyCenter, Kathy Yakal, April 3, 2009


This comparative review rates four free personal finance websites:, Yodlee MoneyCenter, Quicken Online and (the latter two are now offline). Yodlee MoneyCenter is named the most comprehensive of the four, but loses points because of its no-frills user interface.

Review: All Your Money at a Glance, Joe Light, Dec. 2, 2008


This single-product review takes the reader through Yodlee MoneyCenter's features with screenshots, then lists positives and negatives about the online software. In the end, site owner "Aryn" writes that "I was impressed with Yodlee," although it's "not as intuitive as Mint."

Review: Free Money Management Software: Yodlee Review, "Aryn"


Blogger "Broke Grad" gives mini-reviews of six personal finance sites, including Yodlee MoneyCenter. Helikes Yodlee MoneyCenter, writing that it "was the first site that supported automatically tracking all of my accounts -- checking, savings, student loan, credit cards, and retirement -- back when I first discovered these sites last year."

Review: 6 Cool Ways to Track Your Expenses Online, "Broke Grad"


Blogger Andrew Charlton describes how Yodlee MoneyCenter works, noting that Yodlee software provides account aggregation services for major banks like Bank of America. He finds Yodlee MoneyCenter easy to use and highly functional: "My time spent dealing with finances has gone down while the awareness of my financial situation has gone up."

Review: Using Yodlee MoneyCenter to Track Spending and Aid Budgeting, Andrew Charlton, March 17, 2008

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