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Pet Assure

Est. $10-$15 per month
August 2013
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Pet Assure

Best pet-health discount plan

  • Covers any pet at any age
  • No exclusions or limitations
  • Discount is automatic
  • May be cheaper than traditional insurance
  • Providers may be hard to find
  • Savings may be less than traditional insurance
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Bottom line

Billed as an alternative to pet insurance, Pet Assure provides an automatic discount at participating providers with no exclusions, limitations or claims required. Reviewers say this clear, low-hassle approach is the plan's major advantage, and they like that any pet can be enrolled at any age, even with pre-existing conditions. Yet some pet owners complain that providers can be few and far between, and experts caution that savings may not stack up to traditional insurance.


No limitations or exclusions. The Pet Assure discount can be used at any participating veterinarian for any type of pet; unlike traditional pet insurance, there are no exclusions or limitations such as pre-existing conditions or age or breed limits. The discount can be used immediately after enrollment and all types of veterinary care are eligible, including exam fees, shots, surgery, diagnostic tests and imaging. However, Pet Assure says veterinarians aren't required to discount prescriptions, food, outside lab work or specialists, and non-medical grooming or boarding.


May not be worth it in the long run. Pet Assure offers single-pet plans and family plans that cover up to four pets. All plans offer a 25 percent discount off care at participating veterinarians and up to a 50 percent discount at participating pet merchants such as boarders, trainers and sitters. Monthly coverage for a single dog, horse or other large animal is $9.95 a month or $99 a year; monthly coverage for a single cat, reptile or other small animal is $7.95 a month or $79 a year. The family plan, which covers all pet types, costs $13.95 a month or $149 a year. All monthly plans are subject to a $10 processing fee. Experts like this simple business model, but say Pet Assure may not save customers as much as traditional insurance, particularly for costly procedures.


Low-hassle, but providers can be hard to find. Because Pet Assure isn't traditional pet insurance, there's no claims process. Customers present their card before paying and receive a discount immediately; since there's nothing for Pet Assure to approve, there are no claims forms or records to submit. Reviewers appreciate this low-hassle approach, but many complain that Pet Assure has a limited network with few or no providers in their area. Others say that despite being on Pet Assure's list, their veterinarian doesn't give them a discount, and a few are disappointed with provider quality after they sought them out for accepting Pet Assure.

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#1 Pet Insurance Alternative

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Pet Assure gets an overall rating of 6.8 out of 10 from about 35 customers. Some like the low-hassle discount, which covers any type of treatment. Other reviewers say their veterinarian doesn't accept Pet Assure despite being on the company's list, or there aren't any providers in their area.

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Site editors praise Pet Assure for its low-premium, no-restriction business model, plus additional discounts on pet products and services. However, customers will likely pay more at vet visits than with traditional insurance.

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Pet Assure ranks sixth of eight pet insurance providers here. Editors like the automatic discount that doesn't require claims or long waits, as well as the lack of restrictions on pet age or pre-existing conditions. However, the network can be limited and savings may be lower than with traditional insurance.

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