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August 2013
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Best overall pet insurance

  • Plans cover prescriptions, hereditary conditions, alternative therapies
  • No upper age limit
  • Strong customer service
  • No routine care coverage
  • Per-incident deductible can get costly
  • Complaints about slow claims
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Bottom line

Petplan offers some of the most comprehensive pet insurance on the market: Prescriptions, hereditary conditions and even some alternative therapies are covered. Reviewers also like that there are no upper age limits, and most praise the company's customer service. There's no option for routine care coverage, however, and Petplan uses a per-incident deductible that can force some customers to pay more out of pocket. Some also complain about slow claims.


Many conditions covered. Petplan covers accidents and illnesses for dogs and cats, with a 24-hour waiting period for accident coverage and a 14-day waiting period for illness coverage. Pets must be at least 6 weeks old for coverage, but there's no upper age limit.

Basic plans cover veterinary exam fees, diagnostic tests and imaging, surgery, prescriptions, cancer treatments, non-routine dental care, rehabilitation, alternative therapies, referrals and specialist treatments, and behavioral therapies. Hereditary, congenital and chronic conditions are covered, including hip dysplasia, but there's a six-month waiting period for knee conditions. Pre-existing conditions and routine care are excluded, but some curable pre-existing conditions may be eligible for coverage after a waiting period.

Coverage for boarding, lost pet recovery, pet theft, straying, death and vacation cancellations is available for a fee.


Deductible is paid per incident, not annually. Experts say there may be cheaper alternatives than Petplan, but prices depend on several options. Customers receive either a $10,000, $14,000 or $22,000 annual maximum under bronze, silver and gold plan levels. Petplan also offers $50, $100 or $200 deductibles and 80, 90 or 100 percent reimbursement levels. The deductible must be paid for each separate condition and is reset after a year. Discounts are available for those who enroll online and insure multiple pets, and the company offers a refer-a-friend bonus after 30 days. Premiums are subject to increases based on a pet's breed, age and location.


Some complaints about slow claims. Petplan accepts claims via email, fax or mail, and customers can track their claim status online. While most policyholders say they have fast, low-hassle claims and speedy reimbursements, others report a slow process with redundant paperwork requests. Other reviewers say legitimate claims are denied because of pre-existing condition rules. Most are satisfied with customer service, however, and experts praise Petplan for being an established company that's very clear on what's covered and what's excluded when pet owners make claims.

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Our Sources

1. Canine Journal

Petplan takes first place in this pet insurance roundup for its great service and comprehensive coverage, including hereditary and congenital conditions with no age limit. The company also allows unlimited claims, but plans may cost a bit more than at some other carriers.

Review: Pet Insurance Comparison, Amy B., July 15, 2013

2. Pet Insurance University

Wilkerson praises Petplan as a "strong underwriter" that provides out-of-state coverage and thorough coverage for chronic diseases, hereditary and congenital conditions, cancer and breed-specific conditions. Dental care will likely go unpaid, however, and co-pays apply in several common scenarios.

Review: A Vet's Review of PetPlan Pet Insurance, Frances Wilkerson, Not dated


Petplan ranks second among a dozen providers with a 9.2 out of 10 overall rating from about 2,000 customers. Many praise customer service, saying they have fast, low-hassle claims and speedy reimbursements. Others complain that the company won't cover legitimate expenses that they said were pre-existing conditions, and some report sudden rate hikes.

Review: Petplan, Contributors to, As of August 2013

4. Veterinary Team Brief

Nash highlights findings from the eBook "Pet Insurance Buyer's Guide," which praises Petplan for covering some congenital, hereditary and curable pre-existing conditions. Some plans even cover boarding fees and costs associated with lost pet recovery.

Review: All-in-One Guide: Help Clients Ferret Out the Best Pet Insurance, Meg Nash, Not dated


After about 110 customer ratings, Petplan receives scores of 4.5 out of 5 for customer service, 4.2 for price and 4.7 for coverage. Site editors say it stands out for its stability and simple but customizable plans.

Review: Petplan Pet Insurance, Contributors to, As of August 2013


Petplan gets 3.5 stars out of 5 after about 40 reviews. Many pet owners report excellent customer service as well as quick reimbursements. However, some warn of frustratingly long claims reviews, including paperwork snags, and several say their pets had legitimate claims that were denied for being pre-existing conditions.

Review: Petplan Pet Insurance USA, Contributors to, As of August 2013

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