Adobe Lightroom 5 Review

Updated June 30, 2013
Adobe Lightroom 5
Bottom Line

Adobe Lightroom, originally developed as a companion to Photoshop, has evolved into a powerful platform for managing catalogs of images and for detailed editing of things like exposure, tone, lighting, sharpening and color while keeping your original files intact. In addition to the top-notch workflow tools, professionals will appreciate the gallery templates, proofing capabilities, exportability of slideshows and publishing features. At a lower price than earlier iterations, Lightroom 5 (Est. $150) is a must-have organizational system.

Ease of use

Lots of guidance. Several modules guide Lightroom 5 users through the software. In the Library, collections and images are managed through keywords, flags, metadata and search features, and can be viewed in different layouts. The Develop module allows for exposure, lighting, color and other image adjustments. In Book, there are templates for photo books, which can be uploaded for printing. Slideshow enables you to package images as proofs or presentations. Print gives you complete flexibility to package layouts and printing. And in the Web, you can share directly with other devices and social apps.

  • Great for managing large collections of images and processing RAW files
  • Presets are helpful for batch processing and experimenting
  • Can always revert to original file version
  • Sharp learning curve for beginners
  • Performance is sometimes sluggish
  • No facial recognition


Indispensible workflow manager for pros. Reviewers agree that Adobe Lightroom 5 is the best resource for professionals and hobbyists who need a comprehensive organization and workflow system, especially for processing RAW files. You'll save time using Lightroom to quickly cull, rate and process digital images. Its photo-editing capabilities are quite robust, though not necessarily as rich as Adobe Photoshop CS6 (Est. $700) ; for example, there is no pixel-level editing. Lightroom 4 offered video previewing, redesigned exposure adjustment sliders and publishing tools. New features with Lightroom 5 include Smart Preview, for editing images on the go, and a spot healing tool for working with irregular areas.


Flawless editing. Lightroom 5 excels at, naturally, lighting adjustments, including recovering blown out highlights, white balance tweaks and brightening shadows without a lot of noise. Though it's light years ahead of earlier versions, users will still notice some lagging performance, particularly in the Develop module. The enhancements to the content aware tools and cloning brushes work quite nicely. Trips to Photoshop or Elements may no longer be necessary for some edits. Processing smaller versions of files on portable devices using Smart Preview is slick, and the changes are automatically made to original files housed on a larger system.

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