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Pickup Trucks: Ratings of Sources

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1. Edmunds.com
Not Dated
2011 Truck Buying Guide
by Editors of Edmunds.com
Our AssessmentThis insightful guide from Edmunds.com offers a list of favorite picks when it comes to large and compact pickup trucks, as well as a brief description of what makes each model a top choice. Links to full model reviews provide driving impressions and ample details on each model.
2. ConsumerReports.org
April 2011
Top Picks: The Best Models of the Year in 10 Categories
by Editors of ConsumerReports.org
Our AssessmentConsumerReports.org names the Chevrolet Avalanche (Base MSRP: $36,300 to $49,500) its top choice in the pickup truck category. This short review is free for all readers, but most other pickup reviews are available only to subscribers. In addition to performing thorough road tests, ConsumerReports.org provides useful information like detailed reliability ratings based on owner-sourced data, owner-satisfaction ratings and depreciation ratings. Among all pickups, ConsumerReports.org gives its Recommended rating to nine models.
The Consumer Guide to 2011 Large Pickup Trucks
by Rick Cotta
Our AssessmentConsumerGuide.com provides a good overview of the large pickup truck market for 2011, including the most recent trends like flex-fuel capability and increased fuel economy. ConsumerGuide.com gives its favorite models a Best Buy rating and other well-reviewed models a Recommended tag.
4. ConsumerGuide Automotive
Rick Cotta
The Consumer Guide to 2011 Compact Pickup Trucks
by Editors of ConsumerGuide.com
Our AssessmentConsumerGuide.com offers an overview of the compact pickup truck market, including a description of what to expect when searching for a new model. The article includes links to full reviews, which offer terse impressions and numerical scores on many aspects of each vehicle.
5. AOL Autos
Not Dated
Top Ten Cheap Trucks
by Editors of AOL Autos
Our AssessmentThe editors of AOL Autos provide a brief overview of the best budget-minded trucks, including key advantages of each and links to additional research. Included among their top cheap picks are both compact and full-size pickup models.
6. Cars.com
Not Dated
Best Bets -- New Pickup Trucks
by Editors of Cars.com
Our AssessmentCars.com assembles a list of its Best Bets every year. Each model is given a brief description, indicating its most recent updates. Links to each model bring readers to full, in-depth reviews, as well as specifications, pricing and features.
7. PickupTrucks.com
Nov. 10, 2010
2010 V-6 Work Truck Shootout
by Mike Levine and Mark Williams
Our AssessmentThe goal of this recent, comprehensive comparison test is to compare base model, low-content V6 full-size pickups that represent typical work trucks. Despite the title, all models tested are from the 2011 model year, meaning the report includes Ford's revamped base V6 engine in the F-150, unlike older comparison tests. Trucks are tested for overall performance, light trailer pulling, fuel economy and hauling ability. Testing methodologies are thoroughly explained. The Ford F-150 (Base MSRP: $22,790 to $51,525) is the clear winner.
8. Kelley Blue Book
Not Dated
Recommended Shopping Lists: Pickups
by Editors of Kelley Blue Book
Our AssessmentKelley Blue Book provides its annual recommended shopping list that includes recommendations for pickups. Editors explain why each model makes the recommended list and include links to full reviews and ratings to assist pickup buyers in making an informed choice. Kelley Blue Book is also a good source for pricing, cost-of-ownership and value information. In general, its model reviews tend to be light on criticism.
9. Edmunds.com
April 29, 2009
2009 Full-Size Pickup Truck Comparison Test and Video
by Dan Edmunds
Our AssessmentThis test from 2009 compares the most popular full-size pickups, and reviewer Dan Edmunds acknowledges that all are strong competitors and the margin between winning and losing is slim. The Ram 1500 (Base MSRP: $20,810 to $45,810) (then called the Dodge Ram 1500) wins for its bevy of features, impressive towing abilities and good all-around performance (not to mention good looks). Some trucks have had improvements since 2009, most notably the addition of more powerful engines in the Ford F-Series.
10. Edmunds Inside Line
As of Aug. 2011
Long-Term Road Tests
by Editors of Edmunds Inside Line
Our AssessmentEdmunds Inside Line performs useful long-term tests on various vehicles and maintains ongoing blogs for each. Currently, the only pickup in Inside Line's long-term fleet is the very well-liked Ford F-150 SVT Raptor (Base MSRP: $42,060 to $44,945). Some older pickups are tested as well, and archived entries are available for models no longer in the current fleet.
11. Automobile Magazine
Dec. 2010
Automobile Magazine All-Stars
by Editors of Automobile Magazine
Our AssessmentThe Ram 1500 (Base MSRP: $20,810 to $45,810) is named an Automobile Magazine All-Star for the second year in a row. Automobile attributes the Ram's win to its ability to "combine a tough-truck soul with the creature comforts of a large family sedan." Along the same lines, editors note that the Ram employs a coil-spring rear suspension, unlike competitors' leaf-spring designs, and as a result is a much better handling and riding pickup truck.
12. IIHS.org
As of Aug. 2011
Overall Crashworthiness Evaluations: Small Pickups
by Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
Our AssessmentThe Insurance Institute for Highway Safety lists vehicles in order of performance in crash tests. Frontal-crash results receive the highest weight, followed by side and rollover, and then rear crashes. No compact pickups are ranked as Top Safety Picks, though the Nissan Frontier and nearly identical Suzuki Equator fare better than others in tests. The Chevrolet Colorado crew cab and its clone, the GMC Canyon crew cab, get dismal crash results, including the lowest rating of Poor for side-impact protection. Front- and rear-crash ratings should be compared only among vehicles of similar weight while side-impact and rollover-crash ratings can be compared across vehicle type and weight categories.
13. IIHS.org
As of Aug. 2011
Overall Crashworthiness Evaluations: Large Pickups
by Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
Our AssessmentThe Insurance Institute for Highway Safety lists vehicles in order of performance in crash tests. Unlike compact pickups, two models (the Ford F-150 and Toyota Tundra) achieve the coveted Top Safety Pick designation, indicating top scores in all crash tests performed. Results in front crashes receive the highest weight, followed by side and rollover, and then rear crashes. Frontal- and rear-crash ratings should be compared only among vehicles of similar weight while side-impact and rollover-crash ratings can be compared across vehicle type and weight categories.
14. FuelEconomy.gov
Not Dated
2011 Most and Least Fuel Efficient Trucks, Vans and SUVs
by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Department of Energy
Our AssessmentFuelEconomy.gov lists fuel-economy ratings for vehicles sold in the U.S. and lets users look at the most and least fuel-efficient vehicles in any class. The most fuel-efficient 2011 pickups are the Ford Ranger 2WD, Toyota Tacoma 2WD, Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Hybrid 2WD and the GMC Sierra 1500 Hybrid 2WD; the least efficient are the Ford F-150 Raptor 4WD and Toyota Tacoma 4WD.
15. Edmunds.com
Not Dated
2011 Lowest True Cost to Own
by Editors of Edmunds.com
Our AssessmentEdmunds.com evaluates the Lowest True Cost to Own vehicles for 2011 using proprietary algorithms to estimate the five-year cost of ownership, ultimately arriving at the lowest overall ownership in each vehicle segment. Editors choose the compact Ford Ranger, the full-size Chevrolet Silverado and the Honda Ridgeline as the pickups with the lowest True Cost to Own numbers.
16. Four Wheeler
Feb. 2011
2011 Pickup Truck of the Year
by Sean P. Holman
Our AssessmentEach year, Four Wheeler magazine editors choose one truck as the best pickup of the year: this year's contenders were two heavy duty models and the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor (Base MSRP: $42,060 to $44,945). The Raptor came away as truck of the year for 2011 here. It is unbeatable off-road for a factory-stock pickup, editors say and note that it's comfortable on the road and has plenty of power, good looks and nice technology. They call it "a fantastic truck and probably one of those special, once-in-a-lifetime products that we wished we could tell people we once had in our own garages."
17. Four Wheeler
July 2011
10 Best Buys in Four-Wheel Drive
by Editors of Four Wheeler magazine
Our AssessmentFour Wheeler assembles what editors consider to be the best values in off-road capable vehicles. Two full-size pickup trucks, the Ram Power Wagon and the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor (Base MSRP: $42,060 to $44,945), are chosen. The Nissan Frontier (Base MSRP: $18,200 to $32,080) is the only compact pickup to make the list and has been considered a best buy by Four Wheeler editors for seven consecutive years.
18. Truck Trend
April 2011
Truck Trend's Best in Class 2011: Hard-Core 4x4
by Editors of Truck Trend
Our AssessmentTruck Trend editors compile annual Best in Class lists. In the Hard-Core 4x4 category, the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor wins for its unrivaled off-road skills and performance.
19. Truck Trend
April 2011
Truck Trend's Best in Class 2011: Compact Pickup
by Editors of Truck Trend
Our AssessmentWith not much new in the compact pickup truck segment, the Toyota Tacoma (Base MSRP: $16,365 to $27,525) reigns as Truck Trend's top choice among compact pickups, and, like last year, the Ram (Dodge) Dakota (Base MSRP: $23,210 to $33,635) is named the runner-up. They note the Tacoma has the best V6 towing capabilities of any compact pickup, and that it has the most bed, engine, transmission and cab choices among the competition.
20. Truck Trend
April 2011
Truck Trend's Best in Class 2011: Crew Cab Pickup, 2WD
by Editors of Truck Trend
Our AssessmentThe Ford F-150 SuperCrew is named Truck Trend's best crew cab 2WD pickup for the second year in a row. The all-new powertrains, including Ford's twin-turbo EcoBoost V6, made the F-150 a shoo-in for winner, beating out the runner-up Toyota Tundra CrewMax.
21. Truck Trend
Aug. 2011
2011 Ford F-150 Comparison: V-6 vs V-8
by Allyson Harwood
Our AssessmentFor 2011, the Ford F-150 powertrain changes include an all-new 5-liter V8, 6.2-liter V8, 3.7-liter V6 and a twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter V6. This article compares the engines against each other, testing them for power and efficiency. Bottom line: all are thoroughly modern, and the EcoBoost twin-turbocharged V6 is an excellent engine with V8-like levels of power, commendable fuel efficiency and a flat torque curve. The consensus is that these new engines make the already excellent Ford F-150 that much better.
22. Kelley Blue Book
June 22, 2010
First to Worst: 2010 Full-Size Pickup Truck Comparison Test
by Editors of Kelley Blue Book
Our AssessmentThis 2010 comparison test includes all of the available full-size pickups, with a modest write-up on each explaining why it finished in its particular spot. As in many other comparisons, the Ford F-150 comes out on top -- particularly impressive considering the 2010 model tested here didn't include the 2011 model's new and improved engine lineup . Since no other pickups received substantial changes since 2010, these results are still valid. The Ram 1500 is the runner up.
23. J.D. Power & Associates
Not Dated
Quality Ratings by Category
by Editors of J.D. Power and Associates
Our AssessmentJ.D. Power and Associates conducts massive owner surveys to find the best vehicles in initial quality, consumer appeal and more. For Initial Quality, there are distinct categories for both midsize and large pickups. The Ford F-150 gets the award for best Initial Quality in the large pickup category, and the Honda Ridgeline gets the same distinction in the midsize class. The Initial Quality ratings are described by J.D. Power and Associates as "the industry benchmark for new-vehicle quality measured at 90 days of ownership." ConsumerReports.org is considered to be a better source for reliability data in general.
24. Car and Driver
Aug. 2011
by Editors' Choice 2011 -- Awards
Our AssessmentThe Car and Driver Editors' Choice designation is given to the best-rated models within various categories. Each chosen model links to an overview page with stats and more Car and Driver reviews where available. This year, the Chevrolet Silverado 1500, the Ram 1500 and the Ford F-150 make the list.
25. PickupTrucks.com
April 1, 2009
Road Test: 2009 Chevrolet Silverado Two-Mode Hybrid
by Dan Carney
Our AssessmentPickupTrucks.com's Dan Carney goes on a long-distance tow test with the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Hybrid four-wheel drive crew cab. While noting the truck provides an impressive 20/20 mpg city/highway, he says "towing takes a big hit" in comparison to the conventional model. Ultimately, he advises truck buyers who may be considering a hybrid pickup to "think carefully about how you're going to use the truck and whether it's worth the extra several thousand dollars you'll pay for a hybrid."
26. PopularMechanics.com
April 24, 2009
2010 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Ride Review -- Most Capable Pickup Ever? (With Video!)
by Ben Stewart
Our AssessmentAfter spending a day in the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor to find out how the truck handles extreme off-road conditions in the desert, Popular Mechanics writer Ben Stewart experienced two full 1,000-mile torture tests. "Our Raptor hits 80 mph and floats over the terrain," he notes. "That speed would cripple most trucks out there, but the supple suspension takes the beating and feels remarkably stable too." He concludes that the Raptor possesses extraordinary off-road capability for a factory-tuned pickup truck. Note that the 2011 Raptor is even more capable for 2011 model year thanks to new and better engine options.
27. The Truth About Cars
As of Aug. 2011
Category: Car Reviews
by Editors of TheTruthAboutCars.com
Our AssessmentTheTruthAboutCars.com reviews many new models, though usually the reviews cover cars rather than trucks and SUVs. Writers here do not shy away from being very critical of the vehicles they test, and reviews are often entertaining to read.
28. The New York Times
As of Aug. 2011
New Cars
by Editors of The New York Times
Our AssessmentThe New York Times' auto critics cover new and newly redesigned models and provide full-length written reviews that present each model's pros and cons in an easily understandable manner. Not all models have been reviewed, but there are pickup reviews available from the recent past.
29. Autoblog.com
As of Aug. 2011
by Editors of Autoblog.com
Our AssessmentAutoblog.com publishes the latest auto news and reviews many new vehicles each week. Lengthy write-ups sometimes mention how a tested car or truck compares against its competitors, but actual comparison tests are rarely seen here.
30. Autos.ca
As of Aug. 2011
Test Drives
by Editors of Autos.ca
Our AssessmentAutos.ca is a Canadian blog that tests new vehicles. Most of the reviews are of cars, but there are pickup test drives to be found as well, like the new Ford F-150 with the EcoBoost V6 engine and the Ram 1500 Crew Cab. Reviews are specific to the Canadian models, but in general, few if any differences exist between them and their U.S. counterparts.

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