What the best Pilates videos have

  • An effective, progressive and fun program: As with all workout videos, buyers should look for a Pilates program that features effective movements, a good amount of variety and levels of progression. The best Pilates DVDs should have enough variety within the program or several different routines to keep it entertaining and challenging. Consider titles that offer variations of each move, allowing you to customize the program to your own fitness level.
  • An engaging and knowledgeable instructor: Like all fitness regimens, the effectiveness of a home Pilates program is strongly linked to the quality of the instructor. Pilates relies on very particular, controlled movements. Instructors must provide a clear, detailed explanation of each position and excellent breath cueing, another integral element of Pilates. The instructor should also be reputable, well trained, engaging and personable.
  • High-quality video production: The best Pilates DVDs and videos should feel modern and professional.

Know before you go

What's your fitness level? Whether you're new to Pilates or an advanced enthusiast, there's a home program that will fit your skill level.

How often do you plan to use it? Videos or DVDs that offer several variations of a movement depending on fitness level will allow you to grow with the program. Many videos also offer multiple routines that vary in difficulty, allowing the viewer to get more use out of the routine and beat boredom.

What equipment is required? Pilates often requires the use of balls or bands. Most videos and DVDs list this information.

What are your fitness goals? Pilates programs often focus on balance, toning and strength over calorie-burning. However, a wide variety of Pilates videos incorporate more cardio to help aid weight loss. Other programs target your backside, or tone the arms and upper body. Choose one or more that appropriately address your fitness goals.

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