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Mari Winsor: Pilates with Mari Winsor

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December 2012
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Mari Winsor: Pilates with Mari Winsor

  • Excellent instruction
  • Demonstrates variations based on fitness level
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Excessive cueing
  • Low calorie burn
  • Not challenging enough for advanced users

The Bottom Line

For those who are new to Pilates, one of the best instructors to start with is Mari Winsor. She's known for taking her time and showing viewers how to do each move correctly. This video may not be as challenging as others, but it's a solid, basic routine that improves strength and flexibility.


Time-tested favorite. Few fitness instructors have earned more attention from the Pilates community than Winsor. Her method is very close to Joseph Pilates' traditional workout but adds a weight-loss component with dynamic sequencing. She teaches movements in a specific order to produce a rhythm that helps burn calories to better slim and sculpt the body.

Winsor offers several different videos to target specific areas and accommodate various fitness levels. Of these, Mari Winsor: Pilates with Mari Winsor is the most basic, featuring a classic Pilates mat workout. Reviewers say it's an excellent introduction to Pilates. Winsor offers clear, detailed instruction for each move and guides viewers through the proper breathing patterns.


A basic beginner to intermediate routine. This DVD offers two workouts; one is 25 minutes and the other is 55 minutes. Throughout, Winsor offers several variations of movements to either reduce or increase the degree of difficulty. Experts say the routines offer a good core workout for beginners, and help to strengthen and tone the body.

While novices appreciate Winsor's in-depth instruction, however, several reviewers with more Pilates experience say the sessions are far too easy and Winsor talks too much throughout the DVD. Some note that her older videos, most of which are no longer available, are more challenging and provide a better workout. Editor's Note: In 2010, Winsor introduced the Slimming Pilates Kit (*Est. $60) , which provides a more challenging routine.

Winsor's videos and DVDs garnered much media attention in their day, but professional reviewers tend to focus on newer titles. No fitness publications have reviewed this DVD in recent years, although several evaluate the newer Slimming Pilates Kit.


A professional, well-done series. Like all of Mari Winsor's Pilates videos, this one features high-end production quality with clean sets and a modern feel. Although the DVD doesn't include bonus materials like a diet or nutrition plan, it also doesn't require any additional tools. Grab a mat and you're ready to go.

Mari Winsor Slimming Pilates Kit
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Review Credibility: Excellent More than 25 users provide feedback on the latest version of the classic Mari Winsor: Pilates DVD, calling it the most basic of Winsor's titles. While the workout is excellent and instruction is clear, more advanced reviewers say the routine is better suited to beginners. Some add that Winsor's cueing is excessive and her older videos provide a better total-body workout.

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2. Collage

Review Credibility: Excellent At this online retail site known for its helpful user reviews, ACE-certified instructors select and evaluate nearly 1,000 videos and DVDs. Mari Winsor: Pilates is a staff favorite, and about 20 viewers provide detailed feedback. They say this title isn't as challenging as Winsor's previous videos and she talks too much throughout the routine. Still, the DVD provides detailed instruction for beginners and demonstrates excellent form.

Review: Mari Winsor's Pilates, Editors and Contributors to, As of February 2013


Review Credibility: Good aggregates reviews from top online retailers such as Target, Borders and Barnes & Noble. Here, only a handful of users post comments about Mari Winsor: Pilates, calling it a classic mat Pilates workout. Some say the DVD isn't challenging enough, while others say it could use more instruction.

Review: Living Arts Mari Winsor: Pilates, Contributors to, As of February 2013

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