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May 2, 2015
Pillow Reviews, Ratings & Comparison
by Editors of
Our AssessmentThe editors of have analyzed at more than 39,000 individual owner reviews for eight types of pillows, including memory foam, down and down alternative, as well as several others. Based on this data, they rate overall consumer satisfaction with each type of pillow, as well as with specific models, giving each a satisfaction rating. However, the pillows are not reviewed in any further detail.
As of July 2015
Bed Pillows
by Contributors to
Our AssessmentShopping for pillows at can be a bit overwhelming; there are literally thousands of choices here, in every conceivable type, from foam and feather varieties to full-body and travel pillows. We found several options here that have high overall ratings from thousands of users. Memory foam and down pillows tend to be the most highly rated.
As of July 2015
Sleep Pillows
by Contributors to
Our carries many kinds of pillows, including sleep pillows, bed rest pillows, decorative pillows and daybed pillows. They are also the primary seller of several popular pillow brands, including National Sleep Products and Science of Sleep. Many of the pillows on this site garner hundreds or even thousands of reviews.
4. Linens-N-Things
As of July 2015
Bed Pillows
by Contributors to Linens-N-Things
Our AssessmentLinens-N-Things carries a wide variety of pillows. However, searching here is more complex, as you have to select a choice to see reviews and these pillows have fewer reviews than at other sites.
As of July 2015
by Contributors to
Our sells hundreds of pillows of all types, and quite a few get hundreds of reviews. A search for "pillows" brings up a number of categories, including bed pillows, decorative, pillows and outdoor cushions, which makes narrowing down your choices much easier. Walmart is the primary retailer for the inexpensive Mainstay brand of pillow.
Editors of
Cozy Pregnancy Pillows
by Not Dated
Our AssessmentIn this roundup, editors review the top body pillows -- some are specifically aimed at pregnant women, others are just body pillows that also work well in pregnancy. Seven "best" pillows are named, but there does not seem to have been any actual testing.
As of July 2015
Pillows - Down Pillow Comparisons, Wool, Cotton Pillow Ratings, Reviews
by Editors of
Our is a retail site dealing in products for allergy sufferers. The site offers a good number of pillows in down, latex, down alternative and natural fibers. On this page, editors list the pros and cons of the various pillows, along with star ratings. Links take you to pages for specific products, which include more detailed reviews and, in some cases, comments from customers.
April 2013
Pillows buying guide
by Editors of
Our AssessmentIn the spring of 2013, 71 staff members at took part in a blind sleep test, trying out two pillows -- one pricey and one inexpensive -- for five nights each. The results show that for memory-foam pillows, price doesn't equal quality. For down and polyester pillows, however, most staffers found the pricier pillow more comfortable. The article does not name the specific brands tested. The article is free for all to read.
9. Health
Not Dated
Sleep on This: Our Top Pillow Picks
by Elizabeth Roehrig
Our AssessmentTesters from Health magazine sleep on 20 pillows, checking each one for neck support, odor and how well it keeps the stuffing contained. This article names six top picks: one natural and one synthetic pillow for back, side and stomach sleepers. However, there's no direct comparison between pillows and no mention of how the other pillows in the test performed.
June 24, 2014
11 Best Travel Pillows: Traveler Tested & Approved
by Darra Stone
Our is a popular blog about all things travel-related. In this post, contributor Darra Stone tests and ranks 11 different travel pillows for comfort, portability and practicality. Each pillow gets a brief, but thorough, review.
11. Wall Street Journal
Feb. 1, 2013
Desperately Seeking Slumber
by Nancy Keates
Our AssessmentFor the online version of the Wall Street Journal, travel writer Nancy Keates tested a dozen travel pillows over nine hours (each). Here she names five standout travel pillows, but the article is available only to subscribers.
Not Dated
Snuggle Up with the Perfect Pillow
by Colette Bouchez
Our AssessmentThis archived article focuses on how pillows affect sleep quality and what to consider when choosing a new one. It touches on such topics as when to replace your pillow, the pros and cons of different fillings and recommendations for back, side and stomach sleepers. However, no specific brands or models are recommended. Physician Brunilda Nazario reviewed the article's content for accuracy.
13. Today
Nov. 12, 2014
Cheaper memory foam pillows can be just as good as pricey ones
by Molly Blake
Our AssessmentWhile no specific pillow brands are named, this article consults with experts and pillow users to determine the benefits, or lack thereof, of using a pricier pillow. The conclusion seems to be that, regardless of price, your pillow comfort depends upon individual preferences.

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