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Plasma TV: Ratings of Sources

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Oct. 7, 2013
Best Plasma TVs
by David Katzmaier
Our AssessmentCNET reviews a good number of plasma TVs, and this list names top performers and value picks. Detailed reports cover the essentials in a way that doesn't overwhelm readers who are less tech savvy. Ratings are provided, and the very best plasma TV according to editors is given an Editors' Choice award.
2. Reviewed.com
As of October 2013
Plasma TVs
by Editors of Reviewed.com Televisions
Our AssessmentReviewed.com Televisions (formerly TelevisionInfo.com) has redesigned its reports to be a bit more accessible for non-videophiles, though the technically obsessed still can drill down to read the science behind the reviews. Testing is extensive and well documented, and judgments are unflinching. Ratings indicate which plasma TVs rise above the competition, though the top performers are also given Editors' Choice awards. One negative is that some discontinued models remain on the list.
3. FlatpanelsHD.com
As of October 2013
TV & Monitor Reviews
by Rasmus Larsen
Our AssessmentThis European site produces some of the best testing-based reviews of plasma TVs we've seen. Everything is well documented and well illustrated, but the level of detail might overwhelm some consumers. Ratings aren't given, but top plasma TVs earn a Highly Recommended award. TVs that set a new standard earn a Reference award -- with the Panasonic VT60 earning the first the site has granted since the Pioneer's legendary and long-discontinued Kuro sets.
4. ConsumerReports.org
As of October 2013
LCD & Plasma TVs Ratings & Reliability
by Editors of ConsumerReports.org
Our AssessmentConsumerReports.org tests tons of plasma TV models, but discussion is briefer than at the sites listed above. While top selections earn a Recommended designation, many sets qualify. A few of those stand out as good values -- although not necessarily top performers -- and earn a Best Buy rating.
5. PlasmaTV Buying Guide.com
As of October 2013
Plasma TV Ratings, 2013 Comparison
by Editors of PlasmaTVBuyingGuide.com
Our AssessmentThis site isn't the slickest around, and the reports can be a handful to read for the non-videophile. Still, most reviews are testing based, ratings are provided and the comparison chart has been made more useful by separating out current-year sets from previous models.
6. Sound & Vision Magazine
As of October 2013
Flat Panel Reviews
by Editors of Sound & Vision
Our AssessmentSound & Vision has recently absorbed Home Theater magazine. Reviews here continue to be first rate. Though relatively few plasma TVs have been tested this year, evaluations are meaty and testing based. Plasma TVs are rated, and the very best earn a Top Pick designation.
7. HomeTheaterReview.com
As of October 2013
Review Resource for Flat HDTVs and More
by Editors of HomeTheaterReview.com
Our AssessmentHomeTheaterReview.com has upped its game of late, mostly abandoning specifications-based reviews in favor of hands-on tests that are comprehensive and testing based, albeit perhaps a little dense for non-videophiles. Ratings are given and comparisons are made to competing sets, but plasma TVs are not ranked and best choices are not explicitly named.
8. HDGuru.com
As of October 2013
Entries Tagged as 'Product Reviews'
by Editors of HDGuru.com
Our AssessmentHDGuru.com delivers news and opinion on all things HDTV related, including reviews of a handful of plasma TVs. Reviews are testing based and reflect a deep knowledge of TV technology, but might be a little too videophile oriented to appeal to all consumers. Ratings are provided, but all plasma sets reviewed thus far this year score identically. Finding reviews can be a bit of a chore on this blog-style site.
9. PCMag.com
As of October 2013
by Editors of PCMag.com
Our AssessmentPCMag.com's reviews aren't all that long, and are packed with info that's more likely to be of interest to the videophile than the TV neophyte. Ratings are provided and Editors' Choices are named, but the site has not reviewed very many plasma TVs thus far this year.
10. DigitalTrends.com
As of October 2013
TV Reviews
by Caleb Denison
Our AssessmentDigitalTrends.com reviews a few plasma TVs, and likes all enough to grant them Editors' Choice awards. Testing is hands on and accessible for non-videophiles, but more time is spent addressing features than performance.
11. AVSForum.com
As of October 2013
Plasma Flat Panel Displays
by Contributors to AVSForum.com
Our AssessmentThis heavily trafficked user-discussion site is a great place to find in-depth information -- including lots of give-and-take between owners and would-be owners -- about most plasma TVs. Many sets or series get their own threads, and some of those are hundreds or even thousands of posts long.
12. Amazon.com
As of October 2013
Plasma TVs
by Contributors to Amazon.com
Our AssessmentAmazon.com invites owners to share their experiences with potential buyers. The site includes useful tools, like a box that contrasts the most helpful critical and complimentary reviews for a set as voted on by site visitors. Screen sizes for all sets in a given series are usually grouped together; this provides a more complete picture of how a series performs in general, but could mask issues that affect only one specific screen size.
13. BestBuy.com
As of October 2013
Plasma Flat-Panel TVs
by Contributors to BestBuy.com
Our AssessmentBestBuy.com has become one of the better resources for user reviews. Most of the sets listed get plenty of comments, plus a percentage rating of how many owners would recommend a given plasma TV to a friend. Since lots of plasma TVs rate similarly here -- especially those with extensive feedback -- it's probably most useful for getting a second opinion once you've narrowed your choices.
14. About.com
As of October 2013
Best Plasma TVs
by Robert Silva
Our AssessmentThis list of favorite plasma TVs is compiled by Robert Silva, About.com's guide to home theater. Recommendations appear to be largely based on his opinion, with no sign of formal testing; however, Silva has done some very credible testing of TV sets in the past.
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