NewAir AC-10000E
NewAir AC-10000E

Best portable air conditioner for small room

The 10,000-Btu NewAir AC-10000E gets better marks for its cooling performance than any other portable air conditioner in its size class. Users especially like its self-evaporation feature, which exhausts moisture along with hot air, reducing the need to drain the unit by hand. Owners also say it is easy to set up and use, though some complain that it's noisy.
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NewAir AC-12000E
NewAir AC-12000E

Best portable air conditioner for large room

At 12,000 Btu, the NewAir AC-12000E can cool a room of about 350 square feet. Like the smaller AC-10000E, it has a self-evaporation cycle and is easy to set up and use. Most owners find it effective at cooling, but like the smaller unit, it gets some complaints about its noise level.
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