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Powerocks Magicstick

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April 2014
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Powerocks Magicstick

Best mini portable charger

  • Pocket-sized
  • Can fully charge a smartphone twice
  • Variety of colors available
  • Takes about four hours to recharge itself
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The Powerocks Magicstick is a 2,800 mAh portable USB charger, capable of charging a smartphone from empty to full about two times. The convenient size (it's shaped like a lipstick tube), variety of color options and simplicity of the device make it a favorite of mobile phone owners.


Like carrying a tube of lipstick. Powerock Magicstick's 2,800 mAh capacity certainly doesn't make it the highest-capacity device on the market, but it is one of the smaller and lighter devices, weighing just under 3 ounces. The Magicstick is designed to charge portable devices that require a USB cable, but its 2,800 mAh makes it ideal for phones. It's got two ports -- one for USB and one for micro USB. There's also an LED light button that can be turned on to see the battery's status. (The color of the lights lets you know approximately how much battery is remaining.) The aluminum Magicstick is offered in a variety of colors (among them black, blue and purple) and comes with a micro USB-to-USB connection cable.


Juices up phones and more. Powerocks claims the Magicstick can charge a cell phone about twice before needing a recharge, and the Magicstick performs well in several tests. ran three tests on a smartphone with a 2,300 mAh Li-polymer battery. The reviewer expected the 2,800 mAh Magicstick would give about a 50 percent charge, but the portable charger was able to boost the smartphone's battery power significantly (0 to 85 percent in one test) in about two hours, with 30 percent of its battery life remaining. found it gave a decent charge to an iPad 3, even though the Magicstick is designed primarily to power up smaller devices like cell phones and iPods. It takes about four hours to recharge the Magicstick. A few reviewers report that the Magicstick stopped working, but the product enjoys a 4 out of 5 star rating. 

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Over 85 users give the Powerocks Magicstick an overall score of 4.1 out of 5 stars. Users like the Magicstick's convenient size, design and performance, though a few report that it stopped working.

Review: Powerocks Magicstick 2800mAh Universal Extended Battery, Contributors to, As of April 2014


This blogger runs Powerocks' Magicstick three times for about two hours each, charging his smartphone at different battery levels each time. The Magicstick gets an overall score of 3.7 out of 5.

Review: Powerocks Super 2,800mAh Magicstick Extended Battery, "Daniel", Sept. 10, 2013

3. tests Powerocks' Magic Cube, Magicstick and Rose Stone and Tarot portable battery chargers. Magicstick gets a "B" (Recommended) review after the Magicstick gives a better than average 17 percent charge to an iPad3. Nick Guy concludes that the charger should be able to fully power up an iPhone or iPod and still have about 25 percent of the battery remaining.

Review: Powerocks Magic Cube, Magicstick, Rose Stone and Tarot Battery Packs, Nick Guy, Sept. 11, 2013


This is a fairly detailed review from, a site catering to a unique subset: lawyers who use iPhones and iPads. The Magicstick, which Powerocks sends the publisher for a review, gives a 20 percent charge to an iPad Air after two hours. The reviewer notes that in order to charge an iPhone, the device requires a USB connector and lightning connector (for iPhone 5/5s) or a 30-pin connector for iPhone 4 and earlier.

Review: Powerocks Super Magicstick, Jeff Richardson, Jan. 8, 2014

5. Yahoo! Voices

Yahoo! Voices reviewer Freddy Sherman writes a positive review for the Magicstick after using it during international travel. He notes that it takes three to four hours to recharge (on a phone charger), and will power up his Samsung Galaxy SII to about 85 percent in two hours.

Review: Powerocks Magicstick - USB Backup Battery Review, Freddy Sherman, Dec. 20, 2013

6. lists Powerocks in a slideshow featuring nine other portable mobile-phone chargers. None of the 10 chargers are tested, but reviewer "Nick T." likes the Magicstick's power and colors, saying it will "bring any smartphone back to life. And it will look good doing it."

Review: Portable Power, "Nick T.", Jan. 3, 2014


This is a short review for an earlier model, the Super Magicstick with 2,600 mAh. Corrina Lawson gives Powerocks Super Magicstick a positive review after it powered up her iPhone 4s and her daughter's iPod nano. She notes that the only drawback is the phone's color-coded light display: green means the charge is more than half full, for example, but it doesn't specify how much battery is actually left.

Review: Powerocks Super MagicStick: Handy, Corrina Lawson, Aug. 1, 2013

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