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Philips PT902/37

*Est. $95
December 2011
by ConsumerSearch
Philips PT902/37

Budget portable television

  • 9-inch widescreen
  • Good reception
  • FM tuner
  • Detachable antenna
  • Not as portable as some smaller TVs
  • No Mobile DTV support
  • Short run times and nonreplaceable battery

The Philips PT903/37 is a standout among standard digital portable TVs. Though it lacks support for Mobile DTV, those signals can't be found outside of some of the larger TV markets. On the other hand, performance with regular digital TV signals is much better than average judging from user feedback. One reason might be the detachable antenna, which can be placed where the reception is best  independently of the TV. The 9-inch screen is larger than most portable TVs, which can be a plus for use, say, on a kitchen counter -- as well as a minus because it makes the TV harder to lug around. Many appreciate the inclusion of an FM tuner. Reports say that the Philips TV doesn't play well with a cable box, but it does include a clear QAM tuner so that it can display unscrambled digital cable signals. Some grouse about the nonremovable batteries and the relatively short run times between charges (around 3 hours).

If you are interested in a portable TV that receives Mobile DTV signals, the RCA DMT336R (*Est. $160) is your best bet. Reviews indicate that it, too, is an above average performer with standard digital TV signals, and that reception with Mobile DTV signals is solid, even in a moving car -- something that's not really possible with a standard portable digital TV. High cost and a small screen size (3.5 inches) are the DMT336R's biggest negatives, and it can be hard to find.

There are no professional reviews of the Philips PT902/37, but lots of owners have had their say. The most reviews can be found at and A small selection can also be seen at

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More than 30 owners leave their opinions of the Philips PT902/37 here. The overall rating of 4 out of 5 stars is notably better than any other portable TV. Some owners say they are disappointed with the reception or complain that it doesn't work well with cable boxes. Some add that set up is a bit of a pain. However, most give it good reviews, with some saying that it delivers what it promises.

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2. hosts fewer reviews than Amazon (but still more than 20), and owners are more satisfied (4.4 stars overall). No one to date has dinged the Philips PT902/37 with the lowest 1-star rating (an achievement among digital portable TVs), while more than 85 percent say that they would recommend it to a friend.

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3. only has a handful of reviews for the Philips portable TV, and the lowest overall rating. Digging behind the numbers, however, shows that most who purchase the set say primarily good things about it.

Review: Philips - 9" Class / Portable LCD TV, Contributors to

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