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First Response Early Result is the clear choice for early pregnancy detection

For women who are testing because their period is late or because they are actively trying to get pregnant, reviewers say the First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test (*Est. $13 for three) is the one to choose. In independent studies, First Response is 96 percent accurate on the day of a missed period. That's not as good as the 99 percent the manufacturer advertises, but it's much better than the E.P.T. Pregnancy Test (*Est. $10 for two) at 53 percent or Clearblue Plus Pregnancy Test (*Est. $9 for two) at 67 percent. First Response Early Result is also accurate much earlier in a woman's cycle, correctly detecting pregnancy hormone levels of 5.3 mIU/mL 58 percent of the time about four days before an expected period. E.P.T. detected 5.3 mIU/mL only 6.3 percent of the time, and Clearblue Plus only 8.8 percent.

Users give First Response Early Result great reviews for accuracy and early detection, with some saying it provided accurate results as early as six days before an expected period. There's far less consumer feedback for Clearblue and E.P.T., and they get mixed reviews for early accuracy. Clearblue Plus also gets an unusually high rate of complaints about false positives that suggest the test can be hard to read and interpret.

There are no independent studies on the accuracy of Wondfo Pregnancy Test Strips ($16 for 50), but the budget-friendly product gets hundreds of consumer posts. Users agree that these are best for the obsessive tester because of their low cost. Anecdotal evidence also shows them to be highly accurate, with some testers getting accurate (positive) results as early as 10 days past ovulation, which equals out to about four days before a period is expected to start in an average 28-day cycle. Unlike the plastic stick-type tests in this category, Wondfo's are thin strips of absorbent material.

Despite of its no-frills look, Wondfo is our second-ranked pregnancy test in this category. It's topped by First Response Early Results, though, because of independent testing that proves its accuracy and its glowing reviews from thousands of users.

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