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Pregnancy Tests: Ratings of Sources

Total of 16 Sources
1. Clinical Chemistry
August 2011
The Utility of Six Over-the-counter (Home) Pregnancy Tests
by Laurence A. Cole
Our AssessmentThis compilation of six clinical studies evaluates the urine samples of 215 women who were trying to conceive. Two of the studies include daily urine testing of women known to be pregnant to evaluate claims of early pregnancy detection of several popular brands of tests. Researchers find that both First Response Early Result and First Response Digital are the most sensitive, able to detect 5.5 mIU/mL of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). Next are E.P.T. and ClearBlue, which detect 22 mIU/mL of hCG. First Response tests are found to be 97 percent accurate; EPT manual and digital devices are 54 and 67 percent accurate, respectively; and ClearBlue manual and digital are 64 and 54 percent accurate, respectively.
2. CountdownToPregnancy.com
As of April 2013
Pregnancy Test Statistics - When to Take a Pregnancy Test
by Editors and Contributors to CountdownToPregnancy.com
Our AssessmentPart of the SheKnows family, CountdownToPregnancy.com compiles pregnancy test results submitted by women with an aggregate total in the thousands. The results are compiled by day past ovulation (DPO) and each test is analyzed for accuracy on that particular day. There are no picks per se, but this is a great source for choosing a pregnancy test based on your DPO. It also assesses the rate of true false negatives as results are compiled from only pregnant women. Included are ratings for each product using a possible 5-star system, as well as photos of both positive and negative pregnancy tests for that brand. Some generics are lumped into one category, making it harder to determine the effective rate of specific products.
3. Amazon.com
As of April 2013
Best Sellers in Pregnancy Tests
by Contributors to Amazon.com
Our AssessmentAmazon.com is one of the top online retailers of pregnancy tests and there are hundreds of reviews of the best-selling products. Many are generic versus name brands, but First Response and Wondfo consistently top the list of the most popular and highest-rated tests. Fertility tests are included in this category, which confuses the rankings somewhat. The best use of this site is to analyze the most current anecdotal evidence regarding ease of use and rate of technical failures.
4. Parents.com
Not dated
10 Home Pregnancy Tests (and How to Use Them)
by Sasha Emmons
Our AssessmentParents.com describes 10 home pregnancy tests, including how they work, when and how to use them and their costs, and offers some editors' picks. First Response Gold Digital is said to have the latest technology, while First Response Early Result is "great for testing early." Accu-Clear is named the easiest to use; detailed directions accompany the test and are on the test itself. Emmons points out that the manufacturer of Fact Plus also makes the generic pregnancy tests for Target, Walgreens and Rite-Aid. She names these generics the best bargain, despite previous scientific studies showing them to be among the least-sensitive pregnancy tests.
5. About.com
Not dated
Top 8 Pregnancy Tests
by Robin Elise Weiss
Our AssessmentAbout.com's guide to pregnancy and childbirth evaluates five home pregnancy tests using a woman who is five weeks pregnant, making the title of this review a bit misleading. Only seven tests make the actual list; the Clearblue Easy Digital is listed but not critiqued and the Detect5 Progressive is examined but not tested. The five other write-ups are detailed, and include pros and cons.
6. About.com
Not dated
First Response Digital Pregnancy Test Gold
by Gina DiMartino
Our AssessmentAccording to this review, the First Response Gold Digital Pregnancy Test is sensitive to 18 mIU/ml of human chorionic gonadotropin. DiMartino likes its easy-to-read results and good instructions, but not its cost.
7. PeeOnaStick.com
November 2005
HPT Showdown
by Megan Clarke
Our AssessmentUsing herself as a guinea pig, Clarke tests 15 tests including two digital products. This article is more about how to interpret results than which home pregnancy tests can make the determination earliest. There's excellent information here about how tests work and photographs of each one, but no test is singled out as being best. Although the site lacks in truly scientific testing, it's entertaining and informative.
8. About.com
April 15, 2013
Home Pregnancy Tests
by Dawn Stacey
Our AssessmentAbout.com's guide to contraception offers detailed information about how home pregnancy tests work. The write-up discusses the accuracy and sensitivity of early detection tests, including why they can make claims of being 99 percent accurate, and how to interpret test results. Stacey briefly reviews the results of the 2004 American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology scientific study, which names First Response Early Result as the most sensitive home pregnancy test.
Which Home Pregnancy Tests Are Most Accurate?
by Editors of PreconceptionWeekly.com
Our AssessmentAn offshoot of ParentingWeekly.com, PreconceptionWeekly.com offers tips and guides for women planning to conceive, including a chart of 25 home pregnancy tests on the market and their reported sensitivities to human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). The most sensitive test is AimStick Pregnancy Test Strips at 20 mIU/ml of hCG. The site also touches on the results of the 2003 review of home pregnancy tests (HPTs) performed by a major consumer reporting group and a 2004 article from the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology that evaluates the sensitivities of HPTs. Both name First Response Early Result as the most sensitive. A link to a clip from the television show "The Doctors" outlines how to use a home pregnancy test.
10. Fertility Plus
Not Dated
Home Pregnancy Test hCG Levels & FAQ
by Editors of FertilityPlus.com
Our AssessmentThis review doesn't address ease of use, but includes quantitative sensitivity information about a number of home pregnancy tests as reported by manufacturers. However, some data are different than results shown in the independent clinical studies listed above. The most sensitive tests listed here detect between 10 and 25 mIU/ml of human chorionic gonadotropin in urine. The helpful FAQ section provides pictures of positive and negative results, as well as comprehensive answers to common questions about home pregnancy tests.
11. PeeOnaStick.com
Not dated
HPT Showdown
by Megan Clarke
Our AssessmentThis table of home pregnancy tests (HPTs) lists the stated sensitivity to human chorionic gonadotropin as provided by manufacturers along with anecdotal sensitivities posted by users. Although some of this table is reproduced from FertilityPlus.com, links provide helpful information on how to use and interpret some of the tests. Clarke doesn't recommend any one HPT as best, but each test gets an overall recommendation of plus, minus or a question mark. A link answers more than 40 frequently asked questions about HPTs.
12. Viewpoints.com
As of April 2013
Pregnancy Tests
by Contributors to Viewpoints.com
Our AssessmentThis site offers consumer reviews of about 20 home pregnancy tests, but only a handful attract enough posts to make their rankings significant. Most list ease of use, accuracy and reliability as reasons to buy a test, but some women report problems with false negatives, especially if testing early. Some users complain that digital pregnancy tests are too pricey.
13. Drugstore.com
As of April 2013
Pregnancy Tests
by Contributors to Drugstore.com
Our AssessmentThis online retailer lists about 18 home pregnancy tests. Most attract user comments, but only a handful get feedback from more than a dozen posters. First Response Early Result is reviewed the most but gets only 3 out of 5 stars. A few tests score higher but get far fewer user reviews.
14. Baby Hopes
August 2012
Pregnancy Test - Sensitivity Comparison
by Editors of BabyHopes.com
Our AssessmentThis retail site sells a variety of pregnancy tests sorted by the top seller of the week. Editors list no picks and most products get just a few reviews. For those that have more than a handful, some posts are too old to be of much value since most tests undergo either name changes over the years or modifications that increase their sensitivity or manner of usage.
15. JustMommies.com
May 3, 2011
Pregnancy Test Accuracy Chart
by Contributors to JustMommies.com
Our AssessmentThis website presents an accuracy chart of more than 30 home pregnancy tests (HPTs) with the help of registered members who post the results of their own tests, including how many days past ovulation they received a positive result (eight to 14+). Two columns are set aside for false positives/evaporated lines, or false negatives as compared to testing positive with another brand. It isn't the most scientific survey, but gives some idea of how early some HPTs can detect pregnancy. Information on false positives and false negatives doesn't include when the first and follow-up tests were taken, so it's hard to know if these results are due to test failure or the variability of implantation times of the fertilized egg. In addition, there are so few participants that the chart isn't as useful as some statistical compilations.
16. BabyZone.com
Not dated
Home Pregnancy Tests
by Editors of BabyZone.com
Our AssessmentThis site offers general information on how home pregnancy tests work and detailed data on six different kinds of tests. Editors don't recommend any one test as better than another, and reported sensitivities are different than those reported by manufacturers.
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