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Straight Talk

$30 per month and up
December 2013
by ConsumerSearch
Straight Talk

Budget unlimited prepaid wireless

  • Unlimited talk, text and data
  • Good phone selection
  • Just two prepaid plans
  • Customer service not well liked

Bottom line

Straight Talk is owned by TracFone, which uses all four of the national carriers (AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint) to provide nationwide service. Limited and unlimited plans are offered, as are plans and add-ons that provide international service. Network performance can vary widely, however, depending on which network is providing your service, and customer service earns few friends.

Plans and flexibility

Cheap plans, unlimited (mostly) service. Straight Talk's Unlimited plan (Est. $45 for 30 days) includes unlimited talk, messaging and data. Like many plans, high-speed data is capped at 2.5 GB per 30 days, but unlike some carriers, such as T-Mobile, for example, no option to pay more and get all the high-speed data you want is offered. You can cut your costs by opting to buy more months of coverage in advance -- for example, one year of service costs $495. International calling isn't part of the basic Straight Talk plans, but an International Unlimited Plan (Est. $60 per month) adds calls to over 1,000 countries to the package. Another option is a $10 global calling card, which can be added to any service plan. If you don't need unlimited service, Straight Talk offers the All You Need plan (Est. $30 for 30 days), with 1,000 minutes of talk time, 1,000 text or picture messages and 30 MB of data. Those minutes and services expire every 30 days, and unused portions don't roll over to the next month.


Award winning. Straight Talk wins the 2013 Readers' Choice award at Users benefit from the extensive network and high call quality of its parent company, TracFone. It's highly rated at, where users praise its strong signal and good value.

Customer service

Poor customer service all round. Customers gripe about Straight Talk's customer service. Although Straight Talk's strong signal and low price make it a favorite among users posting at, about a third of them complain of inadequate customer service and trouble porting over their old phone numbers -- the same complaints Straight Talk earns from customers at Older reviews complain that data caps were not adequately explained, but those are now posted on the carrier's website.

Phone selection

Many of the latest phones. Straight Talk has updated its phone selection and now offers basic and Android phones as well as the iPhone 5S (Est. $550 and up). Various models of Samsung Galaxy and other Android phones are available, including the latest Samsung Galaxy S4 (Est. $600), and there's a good selection of basic phones, with some of the reconditioned ones offered at no cost. You can also bring your own compatible and unlocked GSM phone and purchase a SIM card for $7.

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Saabedra recounts his two years of experience using Straight Talk. He concludes that, despite problems with customer service, arbitrary data limits that weren't explicitly explained (the company now posts those on its website) and "very little in the way of transparency when taking terms and conditions into account," he's glad that he went with the carrier.

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Straight Talk is a highly rated prepaid phone plan at, where users praise its strong signal and good value. But about a third of the over 270 reviewers complain about poor customer service and limited handset choices.

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