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T-Mobile Prepaid

$10 for 30 minutes and up
December 2013
by ConsumerSearch
T-Mobile Prepaid

  • Minutes don't expire for 90 days
  • Wide variety of plans
  • Unlimited data plans available
  • Expensive on a per-minute basis
  • Spotty coverage in some areas

Bottom line

Reviewers say T-Mobile Prepaid offers an excellent combination of voice quality, phone options and plan options, including monthly plans with unlimited data. Pay-as-you-go plans don't expire for 90 days, including its cheapest offering (Est. $10 for 30 minutes). T-Mobile's network performance is rated as average, but its customer service draws some criticism from experts and users.

Plans and flexibility

Wide variety of plans. Editors at say that T-Mobile only has one prepaid daily access plan, but it's the best there is. There's also a Pay as You Go plan, starting at $10 for 30 minutes, and those minutes don't expire for 90 days. points its readers in the direction of T-Mobile's monthly access plans, which it says "simulate postpaid contract plans." Talk and text plans start at $30 for 100 minutes for one month. T-Mobile has taken the data limits off its monthly unlimited talk, text and web prepaid plans. The unlimited  high-speed data plan is $70 monthly, with cheaper plans capping the amount of high-speed data at 500 MB (Est. $50 per month) and 2.5 GB (Est. $60 per month).


Varies by location. When it comes to data speeds, T-Mobile's 3G and 4G networks prove fast in some cities but slow in others. In's readers' poll, T-Mobile finishes behind U.S. Cellular and Verizon Wireless and ahead of AT&T, receiving average scores along with Sprint. T-Mobile's network is smaller than that of other national carriers, but coverage is extended via a roaming agreement with AT&T. However, some of the least expensive plans don't allow data roaming.

Customer service

Below average. Editors at report that T-Mobile's customer support is "notoriously bad." The company generally ranks worse than most for customer service among major wireless providers. Users give T-Mobile the lowest marks for customer service in polls by J.D. Power and Associates and At, T-Mobile draws its share of customer complaints, with stories of rudeness from customer service reps and users receiving misinformation.

Phone selection

OK selection, but not the latest phones. T-Mobile offers a good selection of phones, including Android and iPhone models -- but not the latest phones; for example, iPhone users can get the iPhone 5 but not the iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c. Basic phones are available, though the selection is not overwhelming. You can bring your own unlocked compatible device (check T-Mobile's site to see if your phone is compatible), including the iPhone 5, and get a free SIM card for it.

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