Pressure Cookers : Ratings of Sources

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Pressure Cookers: Ratings of Sources

1. Cook's Illustrated Stovetop Pressure Cookers, Cook's Illustrated, Jan. 1, 2013
Cook's Illustrated editors test and compares eight pressure cookers. Two are highly recommended, two are recommended, two are recommended with reservations, and two are not recommended. Testing included cooking a variety of foods and ranking the pressure cooker for cooking performance, ease of use and evaporation loss.
2. Cook's Illustrated Electric Pressure Cookers, Cook's Illustrated, Jan. 1, 2013
The editors of Cook's Illustrated compare four electric pressure cookers, but they don't get much love here. Testers say the electric models are generally not large enough to be very practical, and two of the models tested are not recommended at all. Two are recommended, but with reservations.
3. Pressure Cookers,, As of April 2016
Credibility: is a blog and source for pressure-cooking recipes. The author, Laura Pazzaglia, also reviews pressure cookers and new reviews are added frequently. The reviews are very thorough and include scores for features, safety, performance, durability and cleanup.
4. Pressure Cooker Reviews and Buying Guide,
Credibility: reviewer Kelly Rockwell writes an informative and well-researched buying guide on pressure cookers based largely on her own experience. She ends the piece by recommending the best mid-price, budget-priced, canner and electric pressure cookers.
5. Pressure Cookers,, As of April 2016
Credibility: offers thousands of pressure cookers and accessories, including everything from large, industrial-size cookers to small 5-quart options. Among units appropriate for home use, a handful of stovetop and electric cookers stand out with a high number of reviews and top ratings. These include the All American Pressure Cooker/Canner, Presto stovetop pressure cooker models and the Instant Pot electric pressure cooker.
6. Pressure Cookers,, As of April 2016
There are a decent number of electric and stovetop pressure cookers offered for sale at, and most get enough reviews to give an overall picture of the performance of the pressure cooker. Stovetop models are by far the most popular.
7. Pressure Cookers,, As of April 2016
While doesn't offer as many product reviews as, say,, some models do garner double-digit numbers of reviews. Electric pressure cookers are the top-rated and most popular type here, with Fagor ruling in both the stovetop and electric categories.
8. Pressure Cookers & Canners,, As of April 2016
There are fewer pressure cookers and canners offered for sale here than at other retail sites, but most get enough reviews to get a good overview of how the product works in real-world use. Contributors can say if they would recommend the product to others.
9. Pressure Cookers,, As of April 2016
About 15 different pressure cookers are sold at where most receive a handful of reviews. The top-reviewed pressure cookers are the various Fagor stovetop models, which are very highly rated.
10. Pressure Cooker,, As of April 2016
Although you have to noodle around a bit to find them, has a few pressure cooker-related articles that include recipes, how-to's and more. Most helpful for the purposes of this report was a review by assistant food editor Kelli Foster of the Instant Pot, which she then followed up on six months later.
11. Electric Pressure Cooker?,, Jan. 27, 2013
In this interesting forum thread, a contributor to, a cooking enthusiast site, asks others for their opinion on electric versus stovetop pressure cookers. The resulting discussion covers users' experiences with various brands and types of pressure cookers as well as a discussion of safety.