AR Blue Clean AR383 Review

Bottom Line

Reviewers say the AR Blue Clean AR383 is a terrific electric pressure washer. It's not the cheapest electric model available, but it sports a triplex pump (a durable style that's uncommon at this price) and, at 1,900 PSI and 1.5 GPM, it's powerful enough to tackle most household tasks. Owners say it's ideal for cars, decks, concrete and outdoor furniture, and it removes mold and mildew. Many like that it's lightweight, but some find the hose reel cumbersome.

  • High-quality pump
  • Two spray nozzles
  • Lightweight
  • Winding hose can be difficult
  • Not enough power for heavy-duty clean ups

Breaking it down


A great washer for household cleanups. For most household chores, reviewers say, the AR Blue Clean AR383 is an excellent pressure washer. The Triplex plunger pump is better quality and longer lasting than what's typically found in power washers in this price class. Owners that expect the cleaning power of a gas model are certain to be disappointed, but those with realistic expectations say that it packs plenty of power for cleaning cars, decks, siding and masonry, as well as effective removal of pollen, mildew, mold and mulch stains. Some add that the spray is powerful enough to reach second-story windows or the roof line without a ladder. The AR383 has a one-year warranty.


Two spray nozzles for control. The AR Blue Clean AR383 comes with an adjustable spray wand and turbo nozzle, and many owners say that it perfectly meets their needs. The adjustable spray wand can be dialed to deliver anything from a wide spray to a thin jet. The turbo nozzle provides a power boost for extra tough jobs. The motor stops running when the trigger is released, a feature that users say helps keep noise down, and that helps prevent overheating. Many say the 20-foot hose and 30-foot power cord are nice and long. Some complain that water tends to leak where the hose meets the water source.

Ease of use

Lightweight and easy to operate. Reviewers say the AR Blue Clean AR383 is easy to set up and operate. The onboard storage also gets praise, with owners agreeing that it's well designed. At 28 pounds, the AR383 is considered compact and lightweight, and its wheels make it easy to move. This pressure washer has a foam soap dispenser, a water-filter adapter, a quick-connect garden-hose adapter and a hose reel, though some say the reel can be a pain to use.

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