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Favi Entertainment HD-120

*Est. $200
January 2012
by ConsumerSearch
Favi Entertainment HD-120

Budget retractable projection screen

  • Good performance
  • IR and RF remote controls
  • Excellent value
  • Quiet motor
  • No 12-volt trigger input
  • Retraction/extension speed could be quicker
  • Some minor waves and edge curling
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While a fixed-frame screen such as the 120-inch Elite Screens ezFrame R120WH1 (*Est. $520) is a great choice for a dedicated home theater, retractable screens can be a more practical choice for spaces that are used for many activities -- including family rooms and corporate boardrooms. Many retractable screens get great reviews, but most also fall on the high side of expensive. The Favi Entertainment HD series of powered retractable screens is an exception. Experts haven't weighed in on this decidedly budget option, but more than 80 owners posting at are largely a very happy bunch.

These 16:9 projection screens come in sizes ranging from 82 inches (*Est. $150) to 200 inches (*Est. $1,000), including the 120-inch Favi Entertainment HD-120 (*Est. $200). They feature a matte white screen surface with a rated gain of 1.3. Although they're motorized, these screens lack a trigger input and can't be set up to automatically lower or rise when the projector with the appropriate trigger output is turned on or off. However, you can control operation via an integrated control pad or IR remote, or turn over control to your own universal remote. An included RF remote can work through walls for those who want to mount the screen inside a cabinet or the ceiling. Some users say raising or lowering the screen could be quicker, but motor operation is smooth and quiet.

Most owners have unreserved compliments regarding the Favi's picture quality. A consistent complaint addresses some curling at the edges, but that primarily affects the border and not the screen itself. A few note minor waves in the screen material, which is typical of non-tension screens like this one. A couple of owners detect an odor from the screen. Nearly all say that for the price, the Favi Entertainment HD-120, and other screens in the same series, is hard to beat. is by far the best place to read owner feedback of the Favi Entertainment HD-120 retractable projection screen. This model and other screens from the company are also mentioned in threads at

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More than 80 owners give the Favi Entertainment HD-120 and other sizes in the company's HD series of motorized retractable screens 4.4 stars out of 5. A few mention some edge curling or waves in the screens, but the majority is pleased enough with their performance and value to give them either a 4- or 5-star rating.

Review: FAVI 16:9/120-Inch Electric Projector Screen (HD-120), Contributors to, As of Jan. 2012


While other projection screens get far more discussion here, Favi Entertainment's motorized retractable models, including the HD-120, do come up from time to time. Some of the more helpful posts include comparisons to other budget projection screens.

Review: Screens, Contributors to, As of Jan. 2012

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