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Mitsubishi WD-73640

*Est. $1,600
November 2011
by ConsumerSearch
Mitsubishi WD-73640

Budget rear-projection TV

  • Inexpensive for a screen size this large
  • 3D-ready
  • Good picture
  • Some might see rainbow effect
  • Lamp needs to be periodically replaced
  • Blacks not as deep as the best plasma or LED TVs
  • 3 HDMI inputs might not be enough for complex home theater set ups

For those who want a large-screen TV without the cost of a like-sized LED TV or the bother of a front projector, the 73-inch Mitsubishi WD-73640 is an interesting option. This is the only screen size offered in Mitsubishi's least-expensive series of RPTVs, and the company is the last one  making sets using that technology. Picture quality is pleasing, though blacks aren't as deep as those offered by the best plasma or LED TVs. Like all projectors (including front projectors) that use DLP technology, a small number of viewers say they see a rainbow effect artifact. However user reports seem to indicate that it's less of a problem in this set than in those of the past. The majority of viewers don't see the rainbow effect, though for those who do, it can wreck the viewing experience.

Features are on the light side. The TV is 3D ready, however, requiring only the purchase of a $100 kit including a 3D emitter and a pair of 3D glasses to make that magic happen. Additional glasses are also available on their own (*Est. $70 each). There are no Internet features, however. For that you will need to step up to a set in one of the company's more advanced lines, such as the 92-inch Mitsubishi WD-92840 (*Est. $5,500). But Internet streaming, which is disappointing in terms of breadth, isn't the reason to make the jump. In addition to the big screen (smaller 82-inch and 73-inch versions are available as well), you gain an upgraded screen, sophisticated audio features and advanced picture controls for dedicated amateurs and professional calibrators.

Professional reviewers have stopped covering RPTVs such as the Mitsubishi WD-73640. You can find a bit of user feedback at a number of sites, however, including, and The rear projector also gets its own discussion thread at

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All but one of the handful of owners who report in here on the Mitsubishi WD-73640 say that they are pleased. The negative report comes from an owner that says his set has stopped working. Others say that the picture quality and the envy it elicits from friends make it a great buy.

Review: Mitsubishi WD-73640, Contributors to


There are as many reviews here as at, though some more issues are noted. Two note problems with the TV, though one seems to indicate they were caused by improper delivery. One complains about the quality of the optional Mitsubishi 3D glasses, saying ones from a third party worked better. Others are happy with their 73-inch Mitsubishi WD-73640.

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Only a couple of owners weigh in regarding the Mitsubishi WD-73640. Both say they are thrilled with the RPTV's performance, but one complains that the 3 HDMI inputs are insufficient for his set up.

Review: Mitsubishi WD-73640, Contributors to


Owners of the Mitsubishi WD-73640 share their impressions of the rear projection TV here. Some informal reviews can be found, and additional insight can be gleaned from reading the questions and answers posted.

Review: 2011 Mitsubishi DLP WD-73640 Official Thread, Contributors to

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