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Mitsubishi WD-92840

*Est. $5,500
November 2011
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Mitsubishi WD-92840

Biggest HDTV available

  • Huge screen size
  • Advanced controls
  • High quality sound
  • Good contrast
  • TV is too large for most rooms
  • Limited viewing angles
  • Screen is reflective
  • Internet features not very robust

If you don't want a front projector, there's no larger consumer TV than the 92-inch Mitsubishi WD-92840. But measure carefully before you decide to spring for this TV, as it is can be too much of a good thing for many rooms. Though image quality is good and is helped along by a screen treatment that is intended to produce better blacks and bright whites under all lighting conditions, high-end sets using plasma or LED/LCD technology are apt to produce images that are better still. And that's before you consider how much image defects that are inherent in the source material will look when blown up to this size. Viewing angles aren't great, but at 92 inches, there aren't many rooms where every seating location is not front and center.

At first glance, the feature lineup looks competitive with other high-end TVs, but a closer look reveals some shortfalls. 3D is built in, but prepare to pay (to the tune of $70 or so each) for every pair of 3D glasses that you need. More glaring is the relative quality of Internet streaming. Only Vudu and its VUDU apps platform are supported. Though Vudu delivers the highest quality video streaming -- something that becomes very important at this screen size -- the lack of access to Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant and other streaming partners puts it behind most other TVs that offer streaming content. You must also buy a Wi-Fi adapter if you want to connect wirelessly, and that is disappointing in a set with this price tag. A Clear Screen feature is intended to improve blacks and whites, but users complain about screen glare in well lit rooms

It's not all bad news, however. For those who don't want the bother of hooking up an external home theater system, the built-in 16-speaker sound bar and 32 watt amplifier puts most integrated TV sound solutions to shame. For those who do want to use an external sound system, the soundbar can serve as your center channel speaker, cutting down clutter.You can also stream music via Bluetooth from mobile phones and media players, such as the Apple iPhone or iPod Touch, and there's an app that lets you control the WD-92840 with those devices. The RPTV's lamp has a limited life span, but can be replaced by the set's owner.

Other screen sizes include the 73-inch Mitsubishi WD-73840 (*Est. $2,600) and 82-inch Mitsubishi WD-82840 (*Est. $2,900). If you'd be more interested in a rear-projection TV that's a little more wallet friendly, the 73-inch Mitsubishi WD-73640 (*Est. $1,600) is worth a look. Though it is missing some features, it produces a good picture and is a pretty good value among big-screen TVs.

Lots of experts were wowed by the 92-inch WD-92840 when it was first announced, though none that we have found has gone back to put this mammoth TV to the test. Instead, the best -- and so far only feedback -- comes from users. You can read a handful of reviews at The discussion thread at is more helpful still.

Mitsubishi WD-82840 82-Inch 1080p Projection TV
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A small handful of people post user reviews here, granting the 92-inch Mitsubishi WD-92840 praise, but not raves. The most critical review complains of a 3D judder issue that's since been fixed by a firmware upgrade and of glare under bright lights, though the user adds that the picture is "stunning" in a light controlled room. Others echo concerns about screen glare and add that the big screen size magnifies any imperfections in what you view.

Review: Mitsubishi WD-92840, Contributors to


There's lots of discussion regarding Mitsubishi's 2011 RPTVs in this thread, including the WD-840 series. Informal reviews and opinions, as well as questions and answers posted by owners, and who that hope to soon be, of these sets are posted.

Review: 2011 Mitsubishi 3D DLP Owners Thread (740/840 series), Contributors to

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