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Projectors: Ratings of Sources

Total of 13 Sources
1. ProjectorCentral.com
As of May 2013
Projector Reviews
by Editors of ProjectorReviews.com
Our AssessmentThe reviews at ProjectorCentral.com are decently comprehensive, often comparative and generally well done. In addition to an overall rating, sub-ratings for performance, features, ease of use and value are provided. Top performing projectors earn a Highly Rated award, and the very best earn Editor's Choice recognition.
2. ProjectorReviews.com
As of May 2013
Projector Reviews
by Art Feierman
Our AssessmentProjectorReviews.com is a prolific projector reviewer. Testing is comprehensive and the detailed though sometimes charmingly rambling discussions are well illustrated. Pros and cons are listed, and a bottom-line assessment is made. Most reviews include head-to-head comparisons with each projector's closest competitors. Well regarded projectors are named Hot Products. Once a year, the Best in Class projectors are identified, broken down by price range.
3. PCMag.com
As of May 2013
by Editors of PCMag.com
Our AssessmentPCMag.com is another prolific reviewer of projectors. Though the emphasis here is more on data projectors, a fair number of home theater projectors also get a good going over. Discussion isn't as long or detailed as at sites such as ProjectorReviews.com or ProjectorCentral.com, but testing is appropriate, comparisons are made, and ratings are appropriate. Top projectors are given an Editors' Choice award.
4. ConsumerReports.org
Not Dated
Front Projection TVs
by Editors of ConsumerReports.org
Our AssessmentAccording to the editors at ConsumerReports.org, front-projection TVs are a great way to get a true theater-like experience and the largest available screen sizes. They add, however, that limitations of projection TVs don't make them the best choice for everyday viewing. Testing of projectors seems fair and well documented, but discussion is brief compared to what we find from other reviewers and some projectors are discontinued.
Apr. 29, 2013
Best Home Theater Projectors
by David Katzmaier
Our AssessmentCNET doesn't review as many home theater projectors as some other sites, but the write ups here provide a thorough analysis of each projector's capabilities, with a heavy emphasis on features and the user experience. Projectors are rated, and top choices are recognized as Editors' Choices.
6. Audioholics.com
As of May 2013
by Editors of Audioholics.com
Our AssessmentAt first glance, Audioholics.com looks like a great source for projector reviews, but many of the reports are first looks or previews that are based on features and impressions rather than hands-on testing. However, the full reviews that are sprinkled in are testing based and well detailed, making this site worth checking out.
7. About.com
Not Dated
Best LCD Video Projectors
by Robert Silva
Our AssessmentThe reviews here aren't as detailed as some others, but they do a good job for the most part in describing important positives and negatives. Though not all of the projectors have been personally tested, others are competently evaluated by About.com's Robert Silva, with good detail -- down to the testing methodology and equipment used. Not all of the projectors here are current, however. Silva also maintains a separate list of best DLP home theater projectors.
8. Sound & Vision Magazine
Feb. 6, 2013
We Three Projectors
by Geoffrey Morrison
Our AssessmentThe author tests and reviews three 3D home projectors. He doesn't assign them comparative ratings, but does give a thorough, balanced overview of how each performs, plus insight into the setup process. Each home theater projector stands out for a particular quality -- for example the Epson Powerlite 5020e has much greater light output than the other two models -- but Morrison doesn't choose any single best home theater projector. A few additional home theater projector reviews can also be found on this site.
9. BestBuy.com
As of May 2013
Home Theater Projectors
by Contributors to Bestbuy.com
Our AssessmentBestbuy.com sells a good assortment of home theater projectors. Though some have only earned a handful of user reviews, if any, others offer feedback from dozens of owners. Reviews are usually brief and to the point, with separate rankings issued for value, ease of use, and features. Reviewers can also state whether or not they would recommend their home theater projector to a friend.
10. Home Theater Magazine
As of May 2013
Projector Reviews
by Editors of Home Theater Magazine
Our AssessmentVideophiles looking for tons of technical details will enjoy Home Theater Magazine's in-depth reviews, which include the results of bench testing. Home theater projectors reviewed tend toward the high end of the price range. Sub-ratings (for performance, features, etc.) are provided, but overall ratings are not. That said, top choices are singled out for Top Pick recognition.
11. Amazon.com
As of May 2013
Home Theater Projectors
by Contributors to Amazon.com
Our AssessmentAmazon.com lists lots of home theater projectors -- though many are discontinued models. Regardless, many current projectors get lots of feedback. User reviews here are sometimes brief and unhelpful, but others are long and surprisingly detailed -- rivaling some professional reviews in their depth and insight. Comments from other users on the review or any issues that are raised sometimes (though not always) help clarify things better than many other owner review sites.
12. NewEgg.com
As of May 2013
Home Theater Projectors
by Contributors to Newegg.com
Our AssessmentNewegg.com is another retail site where owners can post reviews of home-theater projectors. One advantage here is that Newegg.com tends to cater to a more tech savvy audience than some other user-review sites. One disadvantage is that there are fewer projectors and fewer reviews overall.
13. Wired
As of March 2012
Home Audio & Video
by Editors of Wired
Our AssessmentReviews at Wired don't go into as much depth as the best enthusiast review sites. Yet somehow its breezy yet unflinching reports get right to the heart of what makes a projector great -- or not. Unfortunately, very few home theater projectors have been reviewed of late.
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