Escort Passport Max

Updated August 31, 2013
Escort Passport Max
Bottom Line

The Escort Passport Max offers total protection, reviews say: the longest-range radar detection in its class, plus speed/red-light camera alerts and new technology to sift out false alarms. It's not cheap, but experts declare it the best all-around dashboard radar detector that you can get.


Total performance package. Plenty of radar detectors (even budget-priced ones) can detect radar from far away in tests. But the Max proves to be super-sensitive in two top tests, confidently sniffing out both faraway radar guns and sneaky instant-on radar spurts while -- importantly -- using its unique "digital signal processing" technology to rapidly blot out false signals. Meanwhile, the Max offers all of the same GPS-related features as Escort's previous flagship, the still-available Escort Passport 9500ix , including speed and red-light camera alerts and the ability to "learn" where false alarms lurk on your route.

ProsClass-leading long-range radar detection, Super-sensitive to instant-on radar, Unique technology to limit false alarms, Warns of speed and red-light camerasConsNot invisible to police

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