Escort RedLine

Updated August 31, 2013
Escort RedLine
Bottom Line

For years, experts have recommended the Escort RedLine as the premier long-range windshield radar detector. However, the newer Escort Passport Max (Est. $550) now beats the RedLine's range in one test, with fewer false alarms. Still, the RedLine has one ace up its sleeve: It's invisible to police radar-detector detectors (RDDs), something that the Passport Max can't claim.


Long-range prowess -- with fewer false alarms than before. Although the Escort Passport Max now beats it in one test, the RedLine still detects radar from impressively far away. One tester, "Veil Guy," says the RedLine sometimes out-detects his $1,300 custom-installed radar detector. The latest version of the RedLine has Ka-band segmentation, which makes it super-sensitive to Ka frequencies the police use -- even quick blips of instant-on radar -- while ignoring false signals like traffic flow sensors. "That's not to say that [it] doesn't false at all," Veil Guy says. "But it's more livable than others." Still, the quieter Escort Max's GPS lets it remember where false signals lurk and simply ignore them.

  • Invisible to radar-detector detectors
  • Exceptional long-range radar detection
  • No speed/red-light camera warnings
  • Can't lock out false alarms

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