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Laser Interceptor

*Est. $600 to $2,100
October 2011
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Laser Interceptor

  • Very effective at jamming police laser guns
  • Expensive
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Although it's illegal to even attempt to jam a police radar gun, it is perfectly legal in most states to jam police laser guns, another method police use to catch speeders. Laser Interceptor does a particularly good job of this in tests. Like other laser jammers, Laser Interceptor uses transceivers mounted on the front and rear of your vehicle to emit a laser beam that confuses police laser guns. Experts say ordinary passenger cars and trucks usually need only two transceivers -- one for the front and one for the back -- a setup that costs $600 from Laser Interceptor ($1,200 for a high-power version). For a big vehicle like a commercial truck, you may need four transceivers, which cost $1,100 from Laser Interceptor ($2,100 for the high-power version).

However, Laser Interceptor is not the only effective laser-jamming unit on the market. "Radar Roy" Reyer says Laser Interceptor proves more effective than the Blinder M47 and Escort ZR4 laser jammers on his Ford F250 pickup truck, but other reliable review sources say both the Blinder and Escort models work well. Meanwhile, Blinder has sued Laser Interceptor for patent infringement. Reyer says Laser Interceptor uses more powerful lasers than its competitors, which he says have not been federally approved for use as a laser-jamming device and can "cause irreversible eye damage" if you look at them. A Laser Interceptor spokesman refutes these allegations on Reyer's Internet forum. and conduct head-to-head tests of the Laser Interceptor with other laser jammers, but gives more detail about testing methods., a site run by laser jammer enthusiasts, conducts its own test of the Laser Interceptor by itself. says it has settled its patent infringement case against Laser Interceptor.

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Our Sources

1. Guys of Lidar

The Laser Interceptor outperforms seven other laser jammers in this comprehensive test. The review makes no mention of the patent infringement lawsuit filed against Laser Interceptor by its rival, Blinder International.

Review: 2008 Laser Jammer Shootout, Editors of, July 25-27, 2008


Roy Reyer recommends the Laser Interceptor in this video review, retracting his earlier concerns about the unit's eye safety.

Review: Laser Interceptor Laser Jammer Review, Roy Reyer, March 18, 2011

3. Laser Jammer Tests

The Laser Interceptor wins this website's "approved" designation as an effective laser jammer. It has a 91.2 percent overall jam rate in this test, but the reviewers say they still have concerns about this Croatian company's customer service and quality.

Review: Laser Jammer Review -- Test Results of Laser Interceptor and Laser Pro Park, Editors of, July 10, 2008


Here, Blinder explains that it has concluded its patent dispute with Laser Interceptor in a confidential court settlement.

Review: Blinder Patents and Copyright Information, Editors of

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