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Kitchen Bath Collection STL75-LED
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Best wall-mounted range hood

Kitchen Bath Collection STL75-LED

Wall-mounted range hoods offer a stylish look

Wall-mounted range hoods, sometimes called chimney hoods, can give a kitchen a very stylish look. This type of range hood is used where there are no cabinets above the cooktop or range, and feature a visible vent stack that runs up the kitchen wall. Most models need to be ducted, but some are convertible and can accommodate a non-ducted installation if one is absolutely required. Keep in mind however, that most experts say that a ducted installation does a better job of clearing a kitchen of cooking smoke and odors.

While you can spend lots of money on a good performing and stylish wall-mounted range hood, reviews show that some moderately priced models look great, work well and are priced right. For example, we saw some strong feedback for the Kitchen Bath Collection STL75-LED (Est. $200). This wall mounted range hood is sized for 30-inch stoves and comes in stainless steel only. If you have a 36-inch range, the Kitchen Bath Collection STL90-LED (Est. $200) is similar, except larger, and is equally well liked.

The STL75-LED isn't the most powerful range hood available, but it's rated at roughly 412 CFM. The three speed fan produces a maximum rated sound level of 58 db(A) and a minimum of 48 db(A). Users are split on whether this translates to a loud or quiet range hood; some do grouse a little about the noise levels, while others say it's quiet enough to allow for two people standing nearby to have a normal conversation -- even at the highest fan setting.

The two-piece chimney can expand from 17.7 to 35 inches high to accommodate most typical kitchen ceiling heights. While the best option is a vented installation, this is a convertible range hood that will accommodate ductless use without purchasing a conversion kit. Twin LED lights each have 49 bulbs (substantially more than most competitors, the manufacturer claims) to shed lots of light onto the cooking area. Operation is controlled via a sleek touch panel, though we saw some gripes that say the feedback beep from that could be quieter.

While user reviews aren't extensive, they are more than sufficient to indicate that most owners are very happy with the look, performance and value of this wall-mounted range hood. At, we spotted more than 90 reviews for the STL75-LED, and it draws a 4.4 star rating. Satisfaction at is a touch higher, 4.6 stars following 50 reviews. The 36-inch Kitchen Bath Collection STL90-LED has a bit less feedback, but similar user ratings: 4.8 stars at following more than 20 reviews, and a 4.4-star rating at following nearly 35 reviews.

If your budget is bigger, and you need an even more powerful wall-mounted range hood, consider the Cavaliere SV218B2-30 (Est. $450). This 30-inch range hood is rated at 900 CFM and has a six-speed fan (though, as notes, anything more than three speeds is probably not needed). Again, feedback isn't extensive, but what's there is very encouraging -- a 4.5 star rating following more than 60 reviews at, plus a 4.4 star rating following nearly 60 reviews at The stainless-steel range hood gets rave reviews for its ability to remove smoke, odors, grease and vapors from a kitchen.

The Cavaliere is also relatively feature rich. Its control panel, which is touch-sensitive with blue LED lighting, regulates the fan's six settings and dimmable halogen lights. The SV218B2-30 also has a delayed digital timer that turns off the fan. Another timer reminds users to clean the grease filters after 30 hours of use. Noise levels are rated by the manufacturer as 25 db at the lowest fan speed to 56 db at the highest.

The SV218B2 is designed to be ducted outside through a roof or wall. However, a recirculating kit for non-ducted installation is available for an additional cost. This range hood's telescopic chimney fits ceilings up to 9 feet tall. Higher ceilings need an optional extension.

A 36-inch version, the Cavaliere SV218B2-36 (Est. $510) is also available. Feedback is fairly slim, but the 4.6-star rating it gets based on just over 25 reviews at indicate that it, too, is a good choice for those that want the style, performance and power of this Cavaliere range hood in that larger size.