Range Hoods: Expert and User Reviews

By: Carl Laron on February 2016
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Range Hoods: Ratings of Sources

1. HomeDepot.com Range Hoods, HomeDepot.com, As of February 2016
HomeDepot.com sells lots of range hoods, with choices running the gamut from inexpensive ductless under-cabinet hoods to designer wall-mount and island models. Many of the hoods garner only a handful of reviews, but others get dozens and even hundreds. Most reviews of range hoods are unique to HomeDepot.com, but some also include reviews originally posted at manufacturer web sites.
2. Lowes.com Range Hoods, Lowes.com, As of February 2016
Lowes.com lists roughly 600 range hoods of all types and in all price ranges -- from under $50 to over $3,000. Like HomeDepot.com, many range hoods only get a handful of reviews, or none at all, but others get more than enough feedback to judge whether or not it is a top performer. Some hoods include reviews originally posted at other sites.
3. Amazon.com Range Hoods, Amazon.com, As of February 2016
Amazon.com is another top resource for user reviews of range hoods. Tons are listed and, while some receive only a little feedback, others receive hundreds of reviews. Another plus is that, although most reviews are brief, you are much more likely to find detailed write ups, sometimes reflecting long term use and occasionally with photos or even videos, than at other user review sites. All reviews here are written by the site's users.
4. VentingDirect.com Range Hoods, VentingDirect.com, As of February 2016
VentingDirect.com is another source for lots of range hood reviews. Reviews tend to be brief, but are occasionally accompanied by user photographs. Many products are listed, but most only get a few reviews. Still, you can also find plenty of options with good ratings and enough feedback to be meaningful, though the number of reviews is sometimes bolstered by reviews originally written at the maker's web site. VentingDirect.com is part of a network of related sites that also offer range hoods, such as Build.com and Faucet.com, but the products and reviews on each of those are identical.
5. ConsumerReports.org Range hood buying guide, ConsumerReports.org, July 2015
ConsumerReports.org has not rated individual range hoods in recent years, but does provide a buying guide that's free to read without a subscription. It includes a discussion of types of range hoods, key features, and an overview of range hood brands and the type of products they offer.
6. Overstock.com Range Hoods, Overstock.com, As of February 2016
Overstock.com consumer reviewers use a five-star scale to rate range hoods. Users can also comment of factors such as how closely the color and description compare to what's on the web site. We see fewer reviews here in many cases compared to the sites rated higher, but all do appear to be written by Overstock.com's users.
7. Wayfair.com Range Hoods, Wayfair.com, As of February 2016
Like Overstock.com, we see fewer reviews here than at some other sites, but it appears that all are written by Wayfair.com's customers. Most range hoods get a handful of reviews, but others draw more feedback. Most reviews are relatively brief.
8. Sears.com Range Hoods, Sears.com, As of February 2016
Sears.com is another source of user reviews of range hoods. Like many sites, some of the reviews are written at the manufacturers' sites and can be seen elsewhere. However, this is the only place where you can read user reviews of Kenmore range hoods.
9. AppliancesConnection.com Range Hoods, AppliancesConnection.com, As of February 2016
AppliancesConnection.com has some of the same pluses and minuses of other review sites -- including the fact that some reviews come from other sites. However, navigation is a little more of a nuisance as the ratings and number of reviews displayed on the main page sometimes differ from what's shown on the product page.
10. AJMadison.com Range Hoods, AJMadison.com, As of February 2016
AJMadison.com also draws reviews from manufacturer sites, but has a good selection of range hoods, and enough reviews from its own users to make it worth a look-see. Most reviews are brief, but include pros, cons and a bottom line assessment of whether or not the owner would recommend the range hood.