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Dual-fuel ranges pair an electric oven with a gas cooktop

Dual-fuel ranges are the best bet for serious cooks who prefer the accuracy, responsiveness and visual cue of a gas cooktop along with the even and consistent temperatures of an electric oven. They can be pricey -- dual-fuel ranges easily can run $2,000 or more -- but they're typically loaded with high-end features and quality components.

The KitchenAid KDRS505XSS (Est. $2,450) gets top marks in this category from professional testers and users. This dual-fuel range is a rare find in that it has a double oven -- something not commonly found in the dual-fuel category. Experts at say the range is pricey but worth every penny considering its high quality, excellent performance rating and high-end features. In stringent tests run by the website, the KDRS505XSS excelled at both stovetop and oven functions. Editors were especially impressed with how well the burners maintained low temperatures. The high-powered burner was able to bring water to a boil in a decent amount of time, but other burners on the stovetop weren't as successful with high temperatures. Oven temperatures ran slightly high, according to testers, but they were very consistent. Editors say, "It performed decently enough in both cavities and outperformed many dual-oven -- not to mention dual-fuel -- ranges that were tested, regardless of price." Other professional tests yielded similar results.

Owners at are impressed with the KitchenAid's overall size and features. It has five sealed burners -- including a center oval-shaped burner that is ideal for odd-sized cookware. It also comes with a cast-iron griddle that fits on the center burner. There are three continuous grates that make it easy to slide cookware around. The 4.2-cubic-foot lower oven offers convection heating and has five rack guides along with two heavy-duty racks, one of which is a gliding rollout rack. The 2.5-cubic-foot upper oven is perfect for baking smaller dishes like cakes and cookies. It has two rack guides and one heavy-duty rack.

The oven has a self-cleaning cycle as well as a hidden bake element and bread-proofing, simmer, slow-cook and Sabbath modes.

Reviewers say the GE C2S985SETSS (Est. $3,200) is also a good bet, albeit a little more pricey than the KitchenAid range. Editors at say the range definitely isn't the most budget-friendly option, but explain that "it offers top performance, plenty of options to make cooking easier, and a sturdy, attractive design."

While the GE range does not have a double oven, it has a baking drawer that users say offers nearly as much flexibility as a second oven. The baking drawer is capable of temperatures reaching from a low 140 degrees to a high 450 degrees Fahrenheit. A few users say the drawer can take a while to preheat but most aren't bothered by that. 

The C2S985SETSS lags behind the KitchenAid dual-fuel range in professional baking tests. It only did a "fair" job of baking multiple racks of cookies and cakes. (The KitchenAid, on the other hand, earned a "very good" rating for the same test.)

Still, owners at are very pleased with the range. So much so that we were hard-pressed to find any consistent negative remarks. One user says, "What clinches it for me was the capability to use both ovens at the same time. No need to have the double oven setup, this works just fine." Another says, "All the food comes out perfect from the oven."

The C2S985SETSS has many of the same features as the KitchenAid KDRS505XSS, but it has two high-powered stovetop burners, one of which has variable strengths and acts like three burners in one. It also has a deep recessed surface to prevent spills as well as an oven meat probe and a delay-bake option.

Dual-fuel slide-in ranges

As with all other types of ranges, there aren't a lot of slide-in options available for dual-fuel models. Reviews for them are even scarcer. We did, however, find a couple of standouts.

The Bosch HDI7282U (Est. $2,500) is a top pick at where editors say it performs well at both stovetop and oven functions. The convection oven is quick to heat up and maintains accurate temperatures while the stovetop can boil water quickly and maintain a low simmer.

Good Housekeeping also gives the range an above-average B-plus grade. Editors praise the oven performance but say the stovetop is a bit slow to boil water. This is a common complaint about gas burners, however.

We didn't find many user reviews for the Bosch but those we found were almost entirely positive. The only repeated complaint was that the control knobs are made of a cheap plastic and covered in metallic paint.  One user says, "… it's like putting hubcaps on a Porsche."

The HDI7282U has four sealed burners on the stovetop with four continuous cast-iron grates. The 4.6-cubic-foot oven has seven rack positions and comes with three racks, one of which is a full-extension rack. It also has a warming drawer, hidden bake element, a temperature probe and a self-cleaning cycle. Oven settings include dehydrating, proofing, keep-warm and Sabbath modes.

The Electrolux EW30DS65GS (Est. $2,900) is another good option -- especially if you like high-end, luxury features. It has the same offerings as the Bosch but includes a baking drawer that can bake and warm items independent of the main oven. The 4.2-cubic-foot oven is large enough for most household needs and has seven rack positions. It comes with two gliding racks and one standard rack.

The Electrolux oven is controlled with an intuitive LED display that only shows available and usable settings for whichever function is currently being used. The display also allows owners to program their favorite settings for added convenience. Oven settings include a "perfect turkey" setting, which users say turns out a perfectly moist turkey or roast.

The EW30DS65GS stovetop is equipped with four sealed burners and three continuous grates. One of the burners is adjustable -- it can sear and broil with high power or simmer with low power.

It's not included in any professional tests, but owners say the Electrolux excels at every task. Their only complaint is that spills can be hard to clean on the stovetop -- especially if they aren't cleaned up right away.

KitchenAid Architect Series II KDRS505XSS 30 Freestanding Dual-Fuel Double Oven Range, Self Clean
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Bosch 700 Series Integra 30" Self-Cleaning Slide-In with Warming Drawer
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