Whirlpool WFE510S0A

  • Heats up quickly
  • Bakes evenly
  • Traditional self-cleaning mode
  • No convection feature
  • Flimsy storage drawer

Bottom line

The Whirlpool WFE510S0A delivers performance and convenience at a budget-friendly price. It heats up quickly, cooks evenly and provides ample oven space, say reviewers. The storage drawer is on the small side. The range is available in four color options; stainless steel is about $100 more.


Excellent stovetop performance. Users praise the overall performance of the Whirlpool WFE510S0A and say the stove and oven heat up fast and cook evenly. Experts found similar results. In one professional test, the cooktop did a "very good" job of quickly bringing water to a boil and an "excellent" job of melting and holding chocolate without scorching.

The oven fared nearly as well in tests, doing a "very good" job of evenly baking multiple racks of cookies and cakes. In the same test, the broiler only did a "fair" job of evenly cooking and searing hamburgers. The oven lacks convection and keep-warm modes, but it has a Sabbath cooking mode.


Adequate oven space. At 4.8 cubic feet, the Whirlpool WFE510S0A has ample oven space for most household baking jobs but may not handle multiple dishes as well as larger ovens. Still, we didn't find any complaints about the oven being too small. It has five oven-rack guides and comes with two racks. The range also has a built-in storage drawer, but users say it's very small and seems flimsy.


Good mix of convenience and value. The Whirlpool WFE510S0A isn't as loaded with fancy features as higher-end models, but users say it offers a good amount of convenience for a budget-priced range. It has four stovetop burners, including a dual radiant element that adjusts to fit either a small or medium pan. It also has a traditional self-cleaning mode that performs excellently in professional testing that pitted it against a baked-on mixture of eggs, lard, cherry-pie filling and cheese. Other features include an oven light, built-in clock and timer, automatic door latch and control lockout.

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