Gillette Fusion

*Est. $11
November 2009
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Gillette Fusion

Smoothest shave razor

  • Ergonomic design
  • Five blades provide close shave
  • Few cuts or irritations
  • Expensive replacement cartridges
  • Large blade head

In head-to-head comparisons, reviewers prefer the five-blade Gillette Fusion manual razor to the four-blade Schick Quattro (*Est. $10 for razor) and the three-blade Gillette Mach3 Turbo (*Est. $10 for razor), praising the Fusion's ergonomic design and its close, comfortable shave. Although some reviewers say the Fusion's higher price tag isn't worth it, most agree that the decrease in cuts and irritation, as well as the quality of the blades, are superior to other models. Still, even those who ultimately favor the Fusion admit that the Mach3 is a close second, and its replacement blades are less costly.

Most reviews of the five-blade Gillette Fusion manual razor compare it against the three-blade Gillette Mach3, the four-blade Schick Quattro or the two-blade Gillette Trac II; these sources include National Public Radio, BusinessWeek and the blog of also gives a glowing review of the Fusion, although it doesn't mention which razors it was compared against. We also consulted user comments on

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Our Sources

1. National Public Radio

While on the phone with a Gillette executive, Steve Inskeep shaves half his face with the Gillette Fusion and the other half with the Schick Quattro. Inskeep says the Fusion shaves a little closer.

Review: Testing Out the Five-Blade Razor, Steve Inskeep, Feb. 9, 2006

2. Business Week

Dan Beucke compares the Gillette Fusion razor to his old Trac II. He concludes "the Fusion side is definitely smoother," but since the Fusion's cartridges cost much more, he chooses to stick with the Trac II.

Review: A Blade Too Far, Dan Beucke, Aug. 14, 2006


This unnamed blogger compares the Gillette Mach3 razor to the Fusion with five blades. He says the Fusion's ergonomics take some getting used to, and he's not convinced that the price is worth it, but it does, in fact, give a closer shave than the Mach3 (a conclusion shared by his wife).

Review: Head to Head: Gillette Fusion versus Mach3, Editor of, Feb. 6, 2006

4. writer Hunter R. Slaton tries four types of razors: disposable, cartridge, safety and straight razors. He doesn't report testing multiple models of the same type, but says the Gillette Fusion is the best bet for its "impossible-to-screw-up," nick-free shaves, even though he's not a fan of the way the handle looks.

Review: Blade Runner: Putting the Putting the Best Shaving Supplies (At Any Budget) to the Test, Hunter R. Slaton, May 26, 2009


More than 80 owners weigh in on the five-blade Gillette Fusion razor, giving it high average ratings. Some reviewers don't prefer the Mach3 for its lower cost and comparable shave, others praise the Fusion for its long-lasting cartridges and fast, smooth shave.

Review: Gillette Fusion Manual Razor with Replacement Cartridge and Storage Case, Contributors to

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