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1. Which? magazine
April 2009
by Editors of Which? magazine
Our AssessmentIn this extensive report, the U.K.'s Which? magazine compares six men's cartridge-based and disposable razors with 48 testers and over 700 shaves. The top finisher is the Gillette Fusion Power Phenom, which "gives an exceptionally close shave." Reports show that it outperforms all other tested razors on durability and closeness of shave. This is one of the few reviews that comes down in favor of the battery-powered Fusion rather than the manual version of the razor.
2. Strictly Men's Business
Not Dated
Men's Razor Review
by Editors of
Our AssessmentIn this undated review, the staff of this Australian men's site rates and reviews seven razor brands. The top finisher is the Gillette Mach3 Turbo, "arguably still the best cartridge razor on the market, in terms of comfort, performance, ease of use and value for money." The Bic Classic Sensitive finishes last for its "really tough, irritating and unenjoyable shave," and the Schick Quattro razor doesn't do much better.
May 26, 2009
Blade Runner: Putting the Putting the Best Shaving Supplies (At Any Budget) to the Test
by Hunter R. Slaton
Our AssessmentHunter R. Slaton tries four types of razors: disposable, cartridge, safety and straight razors. It's clear he tested each of these personally, but the comparisons are more about the types of razors; he doesn't test multiple models of the same type. Though he admits straight razors and safety razors have an elegant and nostalgic appeal, the five-bladed Gillette Fusion manual razor is best for its "impossible-to-screw-up" and nick-free shave, even though he doesn't like the looks of the handle design. The Bic Comfort 3 Advance is chosen in the disposable category. He says the Bic is inexpensive and effective, but must be used slowly to avoid cuts.
July 2006
The Power of Fusion?
by Editors of
Our AssessmentConsumer Reports recruits 26 men to test Gillette's claim that their five-blade Fusion Razor "helps reduce pressure for less irritation and more comfort." Men compared either the manual or battery-powered Fusion with their regular shavers, then were asked whether they would switch. Most were ambivalent. The report doesn't indicate what the tester's regular razors were, but does note the high-priced drawback of the Fusion compared to the tester's usual products.
5. The Boston Globe
Sept. 19, 2003
Gillette vs. Schick: Firefighter Shave-Off
by Naomi Aoki
Our AssessmentNaomi Aoki asks six firefighters to shave one half of their faces with the Gillette Mach3, and the other half with the Schick Quattro razor. Five out of the six men say they'll stick with the Mach3, while one prefers the four-bladed Schick Quattro. No other razors are rated.
Not Dated
Shave Reviews Razors
by Editors of
Our's editors compile descriptions of various razors and shaving products. The site gives pros and cons of each razor based on individual preference. Most of the discussion revolves around the five-bladed Fusion, the four-bladed Schick Quattro and the three-bladed Mach3. The Mach3 is said to have the "best blade" even though the reviewer says he still likes the Fusion. Reviews of the Schick Quattro Titanium favor the design and the price, but say the razor's best suited for fine hair.
7. National Public Radio
Feb. 9, 2006
Testing Out the Five-Blade Razor
by Steve Inskeep
Our AssessmentWhile on the phone with a Gillette executive, Steve Inskeep shaves half his face with the Gillette Fusion and the other half with the Schick Quattro. He says that the side shaved with the Fusion feels a little bit smoother. This review is more revealing for the comments of the Gillette exec, who claims it's a scientific fact that a five-blade razor shaves closer than a four-blade razor.
8. Business Week
Aug. 14, 2006
A Blade Too Far
by Dan Beucke
Our AssessmentDan Beucke buys a Gillette Fusion razor shortly after its debut (total cost: $40, including eight replacement cartridges) and compares it to his old Trac II. His conclusion: "The Fusion side is definitely smoother." But because of the high cost of the Fusion's cartridges, he ultimately decides to stick with the Trac II.
Nov. 2006
Becoming Un-Gorilla: Finding the Best Razor for Body Shaving
by "Jeffrey the Barak"
Our AssessmentIn this amusing article, an anonymous reviewer compares the Gillette Mach3, Gillette Venus and Schick Quattro for their effectiveness in removing body and facial hair. He says the Venus did better than the Mach3 in certain areas (like the armpits), but the Mach3 offers a closer, more comfortable shave. He says the Schick Quattro is virtually impossible to cut yourself with, but downgrades it because it won't fit in a Razorba, a long handle designed for back shaving.
10. RMS Snowdrop
Aug. 3, 2009
Gillette Fusion vs. Schick Quattro Titanium Product Review
by Kaytii Angel
Our AssessmentBlogger Kaytii Angel compares how the Schick Quattro Titanium fares against the Gillette Fusion when shaving her legs. Angel concludes that the appearances were too close to determine a difference, but ultimately prefers the Gillette Fusion for its flexible blades when shaving around knees. Her husband also says the Fusion is the smoother of the two.
Feb. 6, 2006
Head to Head: Gillette Fusion vs. Mach3
by Editor of
Our AssessmentIn yet another comparison test complete with photographs, this blogger compares the three-blade Gillette Mach3 razor to the five-blade Fusion. He says the Fusion's ergonomics take some getting used to, and he's not convinced that the price is worth it, but it does, in fact, give a closer shave than the Mach3 (a conclusion shared by his wife).
March 15, 2008
Battle of the Vibrating Cartridge Systems
by "Joel"
Our AssessmentIn this in-depth essay complete with photographs, shaving enthusiast "Joel" compares two vibrating cartridge razors: the Schick Quattro Titanium Power and Gillette Fusion Power. After using each razor for two weeks straight (with a variety of shaving creams and lotions), he's not impressed with either one, saying they only gave a "superb" shave the first two or three times. If "pressed, his preference goes to the Fusion as a bit more forgiving and easier to use, while the Schick shaved closer, with more irritation. He recommends buying the non-powered versions.
March 2, 2007
The Razor Wars: My Razor's Bigger than Yours
by Luofei Deng
Our AssessmentLuofei Deng compares the five-blade Gillette Fusion with the four-blade Schick Quattro razor. He says the Fusion provides a closer shave, and also points out that it's more flexible, since its hinge is at the bottom of the cartridge (the Quattro is hinged in the middle). He concludes, though, that "neither of these razors provides the quantum leap forward in shaving that came with the Mach3. In fact, if you own a Mach3 (or any of its variants), you do not have much reason to go out and get either of these razors."
Aug. 17, 2007
Cartridge-Head Razors: An Evaluation
by "Sasquatch"
Our AssessmentReviewer "Sasquatch" (who says he's grown and shaved off three beards since he was 14) compares the Gillette Mach3, Schick Extreme3 and Schick Quattro Titanium razors. He rates the Mach3 as offering the most consistently clean shaves and the longest shelf life, and also says there are quality-control issues with Schick refills, claiming one in four are below par.
As of Nov.2009
Gillette Fusion Manual Razor
by Contributors to
Our AssessmentAbout 85 owners weigh in on the five-blade Gillette Fusion razor, giving it an average rating of 3.5 out of five stars. As you might expect, some users rave about this product, while a substantial minority are disappointed. We also found many unfavorable comparisons here to the three-blade Gillette Mach3. The battery-powered version of the Fusion is also reviewed here, with pretty much the same comments.

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